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Playoffs Mailbox: Robert Traylor

You watch the games, you see the scores, but how do you really know what's going on in the NBA Playoffs 2003? has infiltrated the action with the ultimate insiders -- the players themselves. We're giving you an exclusive look at the postseason with a roster of player mailboxes.

Robert Traylor is a force in the paint for the New Orleans Hornets.

Traylor answered your first round of questions on Monday, April 28:

Q: Hi Traylor, this is Ray. I just wanted to know how you liked New Orleans in your first regular season, you know, the fans, the city, and the FOOD!
--Ray (Meraux, La.)

Traylor: It's been great. The fans have been special. They've been behind us all year. The city's been great and that goes along with the fans. To be welcomed to a new city ... it's been awesome for all of us. And the food has been great. I'm trying to stay away from it though.

Q: You had many quality minutes off the bench this year, and the second five have done a great job down the stretch. Do you think the Hornets' depth and experience in the backcourt will give you an advantage in the playoffs?
--Shrimpnose (Metairie, La.)

Traylor: I think our depth is key for us, especially two games in. We've got a couple of injuries and we've got guys who are going to have to step up and play. That's how we've been all year. Guys are ready for their roles, know what they've got to do and know what it takes to win games.

Q: Hey Tractor, it's very obvious that the key to success for Philly is Allen Iverson. Despite the fact that Baron is a great defensive stopper, no one can really contain AI one on one. How do you guys plan to slow down Iverson in the first round?
--Xueran (Sydney, Australia)

Traylor: I think the biggest thing is not really trying to stop him, but just trying to contain him and slow him down a little bit. I think you want to make him work hard for every shot he gets. We know he's going to make shots. That's just what he does. But having Baron on the floor with his leadership abilities is going to be key for us.

Q: I was watching the game tonight and it seemed that Baron was limping quite a bit towards the end of the game. Is he going to be up to par to improve the Hornets' chances of knocking off the Sixers?
--Rick (Chicago)

Traylor: I think his return is going to help us a lot. As far as his status goes, nobody ever knows with Baron. He's a warrior and he's a guy that wants to play in every game. He's going to come out there and give us what he has. We have to accept what he gives us and the biggest thing is to have him out there to be a leader on the floor and off the court.

Q: Hey Tractor! What's your favorite song to help get your game face on? You know, what song gets you "crunked?"
--Monique (New Orleans)

Traylor: I think for all of us it's been 50 Cent. We play that in the locker room and that's what gets us going as a team and as a unit. I'm always listening to it, personally, so anything that 50 has out right now is something to get you going and ready to play.