SEAN ELLIOTT ... 1999 Western Conference Finals

The Spurs celebrate Sean Elliott's Memorial Day Miracle against the Blazers.
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On a team with Tim Duncan and David Robinson, Sean Elliott was often option No. 3. On this day, the number three would be very important. Trailing the Blazers all game and by as many as 18 points as late as the third quarter, the Spurs found themselves down 85-83 with 12 seconds remaining.

Elliott, coming off a screen in the low post, took a pass that was nearly picked off by Portland's Stacey Augmon. Elliott's momentum carried him to the sideline, where he pirouetted to avoid stepping out of bounds. On his toes and with little time to set himself, Elliott let fly from the corner. After the ball dropped through the bottom of the net, the Spurs were ahead 86-85, their first lead of the game. Moments later, they led the series 2-0 and never looked back. The Spurs used Elliott's Memorial Day Miracle as a springboard to the NBA Finals, where they defeated the Knicks in five for San Antonio's first NBA title.

Elliott toes the line
The Memorial Day Miracle
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Who: Blazers vs. Spurs
What: 1999 West Finals
Where: The Alamodome
When: Game 2, 0:12.0 seconds left, Spurs lead, 1-0