By Bill Walton

10. Signs floating around town that read, ‘Chicks Dig the Tie-Dye.”

9. You go to the game and they actually play basketball

Bill with the Jerry Garcia doll that was prescribed to him by Boston fans to help ward off homesickness.
John Hareas/NBAE
8. Chants of ‘NO SLEEP TIL L.A.’ echoing outside my hotel room at 3 a.m.

7. Where else can you wear a giant Leprechaun hat and not feel out of place? (That IS the dress code).

6. The Celtics fans who come to games -- dressed in their tennis shoes and uniforms -- ready for Coach O’Brien to put them in the game.

5. The opportunity to shine Larry’s shoes – I am still his valet. He won the last one-on-one game between us.

4. The Pitino era is over. Get him out of here. We want Red! We want O’Brien! .. We want basketball!

3. Where else would the locals send me a Jerry Garcia action figure to help alleviate the struggles and battles from being on the Love It Live Tour for 30 days?

2. Red’s cigar is the only smoking allowed

1. Hearing the Celtics fans chant, ‘We want Luke. Luke is a Celitc … We want Luke.’