Place your vote for the 2016-17 Game Changer of the Year presented by Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan. Read their stories and vote below! Voting is limited to one vote per person.


Calvin Sibert

Calvin has gone above and beyond for his students by being an enthusiastic educator who always finds fun and unique ways to keep his students engaged in their education. In addition to using the NBA Math Hoops program in his classroom, he recently implemented a fundraising program called money smart kids that teaches the importance of financial literacy and life skills.


Christie McNamara

Christie goes above and beyond for her students in every way possible in order to motivate them in the classroom. Christie continuously uses many of her own resources to provide students with opportunities they may not otherwise have including a homecoming dance and a real Thanksgiving dinner. Christie was able to collect donated items for these events including dresses, suites, jewelry, makeup and food.


Dan Wolford

Daniel goes above and beyond for his students by utilizing hip hop in his classroom to develop test taking strategies and make content relatable and engaging. Daniel has also created an after-school club, "The Lyrical Crusaders," that uses hip hop to talk about cultural topics while providing his students the opportunity to express themselves creatively and learn valuable life skills.


Larry Jacobs

Larry goes above and beyond to make the learning process as joyful and enjoyable as possible for his students by singing, acting, and bringing the educational criteria to life. He ensures his students feel free to express their views and opinions through open dialogue. Larry not only teaches but is also the theater director, soccer coach, and football referee.


Sharon Lee

Sharon goes above and beyond for her students and staff by not only being the principal, leader and boss at Thurgood Marshall Elementary, but also the heart of the school. She understand that her role reaches beyond just being the school manager, and despite being short on supplies and equipment she maintains a positive attitude and ensure that each of her students has every opportunity to succeed.