Pistons Classic

January 27, 2018
Little Caesars Arena
Registration is $30 for each participant on the team. Spectator fee is $25. Prices include a ticket for the competition and the Pistons vs. Thunder game at 5pm. Please place your order by January 12, 2018 to guarantee tickets. Bonus: Each participant will receive a FREE competition T-shirt.
The winning teams will perform at the game that night when the Detroit Pistons take on the Oklahoma City Thunder at 5:00 p.m.

For questions regarding tickets or registration, contact Kim Bischer at 248.377.0174 or kbischer@palacenet.com.


Time Limit: Each routine must be a minimum of 1 minute and a MAXIMUM OF 2 MINUTES. Timing will begin with the first note of music. Music may either be started upon your entrance or after the team has entered the performance area. Timing will end when the music stops.

Music:All music should be submitted VIA email in one of the file formats listed below to kbischer@palacenet.com by Friday, January 19, 2018. In addition all teams should bring a backup CD copy of their music in case of any issues.

Preferred music formats: .mp3, .wav, .wma, .aiff, .m4a
Formats NOT accepted: .cda & .m4p

Note: If the music is not emailed, you MUST bring two copies of your music burned and tested on a CD. You must be prepared to start and stop your music at the announcers table.

Props: : No props are allowed other than poms, gloves or combination of any of these two items. Other props such as hats, flags, lights, signs, etc. will not be allowed. The attempted use of any non-allowable props will result in a penalty deduction. Poms must be used for at least 50% of the performance time. An elastic device attached to the handle of the pom will be considered part of that prop and is allowable.

Squad Uniforms: Any type of uniform or dance costume is allowed. Hats are not allowed. If parts of the costume are removed during the performance, they should not be used as a prop. (Example: If a squad is wearing wrap-around skirts which are removed and then used in flag-like fashion, it would receive a penalty deduction.

Tumbling, Stunts, Mounts: Tumbling is allowed as long as one hand or foot remains in constant contact with the performance surface. For example, forward/backward rolls, cartwheels, handstands are allowed. Tumbling while holding poms is NOT allowed, except for rolls.
Any tumbling that elevates a dancer off the ground is NOT allowed. Stunting/mounts (anything that you would need a spotter for and/or anyone is elevated) are NOT allowed, unless there is skin to skin contact. An exception to the rule is side aerials are allowed. However, side aerials are not allowed while holding poms. They must be placed in hand. (Exception: side aerials may be done with hands free poms).
Partnering is permitted as long as the dancers are supporting each other and have skin to skin contact.

You must land on at least one foot after a toe jump before landing in any other position. Toe touches to a hurdler position or landing with both feet back are prohibited. Knee drops are prohibited. Toe touches to a push-up position are prohibited.

Kick Line: You may include any type of kicks and any number of kicks in your routine; however, these are not required.

A professional, qualified panel of judges provided by the Pistons Competition Directors will judge teams in the following areas:

  • Projection
  • Choreography
  • Technique
  • Execution
  • Synchronization
  • Entertainment Value

In the event of a tie, the points awarded in the entertainment value category will determine the tiebreaker.

Penalties: A 5 points per judge deduction will be given for each of the following violations:

  1. Going over or under the time limit.
  2. Use of non-allowable props.
  3. Use of illegal stunts or mounts or tumbling.
  4. Poms not being used for at least 50% of performance.
  5. Illegal elevated stunts.

Note: If more than 2 are violated, you will be disqualified and not eligible to receive a trophy.
Note: We will be using the rules outlined in this literature. Please read all rules and comply with all enclosed information. Teams are encouraged to bring their best performance material in whatever style of Pom routine they prefer. Judges will not discriminate.