PHILADELPHIA – The Pistons have gone 7-7 since their 0-8 start and tonight they return to the place where their about-face was executed, Philadelphia. That stretch coincided with the addition of Kyle Singler to the starting lineup. Singler subbed in th night of Nov. 14 for the ill Rodney Stuckey, who subsequently suggested to Lawrence Frank that he make the move permanent – or as permanent as it gets in the fluid world of the NBA.

But another tweak to Frank’s rotation can’t be overlooked, either.

PHILADELPHIA – The Pistons folded three rookie perimeter players into their mix this season – and when it began, it wasn’t clear that there was room for even one of them in the rotation.

A few weeks into it, though, Rodney Stuckey’s illness opened a door to the starting lineup that Kyle Singler charged through. Kim English and Khris Middleton, from off the radar screen, have been loudly applauding.