(Editor’s note: Second in a series of stories coming on Pistons.com over the next several with Joe Dumars and his perspective on the Pistons.)

Joe Dumars played with Dennis Rodman and traded for Ben Wallace. He knows a thing or two about players with the rare ability to consistently make take-your-breath-away defensive plays.

He sees that quality in Andre Drummond. With all the caveats about the distance Drummond still must travel to match those players for durability and consistent impact, it’s so far, so good from Joe D’s perspective.

BROOKLYN – Lawrence Frank has mixed feelings about facing the franchise that gave him his first head coaching opportunity. He’s happy for the people who brought to life what often seemed a pipedream, but wistful that the rebirth of the Nets in Brooklyn came at the expense of fans in his native New Jersey.

“It’s a little bit bittersweet,” he said. “You hate to see your state lose a team, yet I do know all the equity they put into it. So I’m happy for them.”

Now that the Brooklyn Nets finally have their first December win, they can focus on ending their struggles at the Barclays Center.

With their starting center expected back, the Nets look to avoid a fifth consecutive home defeat Friday night against a Detroit Pistons team that has struggled to win on the road.

Brooklyn (12-9) won seven of the first eight at its swanky new arena. However, since allowing 87.0 points per contest while winning six straight there, the Nets have given up 105.8 during their four-game home skid.

Lawrence Frank gave Khris Middleton and Kim English a bit of advice before shipping them off to Fort Wayne after Thursday’s practice. It had little to do with X’s and O’s and more about mind-set.

“They have to understand when they go down there, everybody’s gunning for them, because they have what everybody else wants,” Frank said. “Trust me, they think they deserve it. That’s why they’re there, not in Europe making more money.”

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. – The Detroit Pistons announced today a special contest where one lucky winner and a guest will have the opportunity to travel with the team and watch the Pistons take on the New York Knicks in London, England as part of NBA London Live 2013 on January 17.

(Editor’s note: First in a series of stories coming on Pistons.com over the next several with Joe Dumars and his perspective on the Pistons.)

In the heat of the moment, losses like the last two the Pistons have endured at The Palace – seeing 17-point leads dissipate against both Chicago and Denver – are no easier for Joe Dumars to endure than they would have been during his playing days.

There’s always excitement about walking into any of the NBA’s many great arenas where there’s a history, especially if a big part of that history involves the Pistons. We don’t ever go to the Staples Center without stirring some great memories of the 2004 NBA Finals, for one shining example.

But there’s also great anticipation for me, anyway, in going to Brooklyn for the first time to play the Nets since they’ve moved from New Jersey and to see what the atmosphere will be like in their new arena, Barclays Centers.