Lawrence Frank doesn’t think about number of wins or making the playoffs, but about the steps necessary to make winning seasons and playoff appearances possible. Yet it’s fair to say that talking about the postseason is irrelevant until the Pistons prove themselves a competitive road team.

Lawrence Frank has maintained all along that the Pistons’ rotation would be more fluid than static. That’s as much the case as it’s ever been, by all available evidence, with the preseason down to its final game.

Andre Drummond has been good, bordering on really good, and he’s certainly lapped all reasonable expectations through his first six preseason games for a kid who turned 19 in August. But if you’re worried that he’ll become complacent … well, don’t be.

Brandon Knight attacked Lawrence Frank’s challenge to hasten his growth into leadership the way he attacks every other challenge: full speed ahead. As part of his vision of a leader, Knight wanted to make sure his teammates had no misperceptions that his interests were anything but for the betterment of the team.