With all due respect for the Mayans, Lawrence Frank isn’t banking on the end of the world to solve the Pistons’ issues with closing out games.

“Go figure,” he shrugged after Thursday’s practice, the last the Pistons would ever hold if the Mayan prediction that Armageddon is at hand proves out. “This is like the 400th time the world was supposed to end. Now we’re putting it on the Mayans. I follow the Aztec calendar.”

It isn’t easy in times like the Pistons are going through now to try to put things in perspective. They’ve lost six games in a row and it feels like the progress we all saw a few weeks ago has been lost. But I loved the quote from coach Frank when he said you’ve kind of got to peel back the onion a little bit. The record is similar to last season, but the results are nowhere near similar. These have been hard-fought, competitive games against rosters stocked with NBA talent.

The parting advice Lawrence Frank gave Kim English and Khris Middleton before embarking on their D-League adventure proved accurate, the rookies confirmed upon their return to the Pistons.

“It was true,” Kim English said of Frank’s warning that D-Leaguers would come at them with extra relish because they had what those player wanted – one of the coveted NBA roster spots. “They know when an NBA guy is on the court and they definitely want to get that name against you. They definitely want to attack you.”