(Editor's note: Last in a series of stories with Joe Dumars and his perspective on the Pistons.)

Kyle Singler starts and Andre Drummond’s role grows more prominent by the week. Khris Middleton, Kim English and Slava Kravtsov are the three you don’t see. But Joe Dumars sees them every day in practice. And what he sees gives him confidence that Pistons fans will get their chance to see for themselves someday.

The Washington Wizards own the worst record in the NBA and the Detroit Pistons aren't too far behind.

That's not about to change any time soon, but a home-and-home set could provide some relief for one team.

The Wizards and Pistons begin that stretch looking to end their respective lengthy losing streaks Friday night in Detroit.

Washington (3-20) is last in the league with 89.7 points per game and 40.7 percent shooting from the floor.

With all due respect for the Mayans, Lawrence Frank isn’t banking on the end of the world to solve the Pistons’ issues with closing out games.

“Go figure,” he shrugged after Thursday’s practice, the last the Pistons would ever hold if the Mayan prediction that Armageddon is at hand proves out. “This is like the 400th time the world was supposed to end. Now we’re putting it on the Mayans. I follow the Aztec calendar.”