Postgame Quotes - March 10, 2012

Pistons vs Raptors

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Rodney Stuckey | Ben Gordon
Toronto: Dwane Casey | James Johnson

Pistons Head Coach Lawrence Frank

(On start of Game) "I thought our guys came out with phenomenal intensity. The defense was leading to transition opportunities; put great effort in to the game to set the tone. They (Pistons starters) started the game the way we started the third quarter. I thought they were very, very good from start to finish. Our guys gave a great effort from our part. A lot positives to build on, we have shown that we can win at home. We've put together four in a row at home, nine of the last twelve. Now we have a great opportunity to go on the road and see if we can continue to build."

(On Pistons guards attacking): "Regardless of who we play, we don't adjust from that standpoint. It is a consistent thing. Our backcourt with 39 points and 15 assists did a phenomenal job setting the tone. They did a lot of good things because a lot of those attacks are either in transition or our bigs setting good screens. We had a real good pick-and-roll game going, very good intent in terms of turning the corner. The ball was moving and sharing, but it all started with good defense. This is our third straight game of holding a team to 86 points or less. Holding a team down to 40 percent (shooting percentage) and to win on the road there are certain things you have to do, you have to defend, rebound, and you have to have low turnovers."

(On good shooting) "Sometimes guys get in rhythm, the ball is moving and there are rhythm shots. The key is getting easy baskets. I think we had 20 fast-break points at halftime, so you are getting out on the break, shooting shots at the rim, which then builds confidence. It's like anything else. I'm not a golfer, but you start making those little puts all of a sudden you start hitting those drives a little bit better.”

Pistons Guard Rodney Stuckey

(On last three games) “Our team is stepping up and we just focus and we continue to get better. One day at a time, one practice, one game, we keep getting better as individuals, now we just need to get some wins on the road.

(On this game being a building block in backcourt): “Absolutely. We’ve got good chemistry. He’s (Brandon Jennings) amazing. He can shoot the ball, he takes the right shots and I’m glad to have him as a teammate.”

Pistons Guard Ben Gordon

(On focus in second half) “We just wanted to make sure we came out and had as much energy as we could. The first game (at Toronto) we didn’t play with all the energy that we could, so this game we made sure we were focused on that and made sure we were all around the court and when the game was over we could say we played as hard as we could.”

(On getting the ball into the paint) “That’s what we want to do every night. It doesn’t matter who it is; just try to attack and try to live in the opposing team’s paint. (Rodney) Stuckey and the rest of our guards did a great job just penetrating and basically putting a lot of pressure on their defense.”

(On what sparked him today): “Just helping my teammates. They were getting me open, setting good screens and putting confidence in me and me just being aggressive from the start of the game.”

Raptors Head Coach Dwane Casey

(On the loss) "I'm shocked that we came out with that kind of effort. This team played last night. There was no defensive focus. There was no screening. There was no fundamental that we executed tonight on both sides and I'm shocked. We walked out there like we won 20 games in a row with no sense of purpose. We can use every excuse. We had different rotations, Andreas (Bargnani) coming back, Jose (Calderon) went down. Whatever the excuse is it’s not allowed."

(On Andreas Bargnani’s minutes) "He (Andreas Bargnani) just got his minutes. He got close to being fatigued once the game got ahead. There was no use of him getting out there and getting hurt or re-injuring that situation."

(On fixing lineup) “We got to come up with something. We have JB (Jerryd Bayless), we have Forbes (Gary) at the point, LB (Leandro Barbosa) can slide over but we'll figure it out."

Raptors Forward James Johnson

(On losing Jose Calderon) "Another piece we're going to be missing. Hopefully he can come back soon but in this league no one is going to feel sorry for us so we got another guard. He can step up and hopefully Gary Forbes can continue how he finished off today."

(On lack of effort) "They just outworked us. I don't know whatever they did but we came in and you might think that people are focused, but out there it looked like we were tired actually. We hadn't accomplished anything that we wanted too. All the things we went over film about we didn't do. We got to give a lot of credit to Detroit; they made a lot of shots. They figured out our defense pretty well and they did what they did out there."