Postgame Quotes - February 14, 2012

Pistons vs Spurs

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Ben Wallace
San Antonio: Greg Popovich | Richard Jefferson | Tony Parker

Pistons Head Coach Lawrence Frank

(On the energy in the fourth and lack of energy in the first): “Well look in the first half we gave up 27 points on pick-and-rolls and gave up nine lay-ups. The game started to change, I think, was when the two who turned it on was Ben (Wallace) and (Rodney) Stuckey, they helped change the game for us and then other guys picked up the slack and obviously put us in a position to win the game, but it’s a 48 minute game and the first half was disappointing defensively. We gave up so many easy baskets and a pick-and-roll play and then we picked it up and in the end there were a couple of key stops we couldn’t get. Then we had some other things that didn’t go our way, but we put ourselves in a position to win. I thought our guys showed resolve and fight. You look at it, we were down 16 and fought back and like I said, it could have gone either way.”

Pistons Center Ben Wallace

(On playing the most games by an undrafted player in the NBA): "It means a lot. Like I said earlier in the week, I was just happy and thankful for getting the opportunity to come here and prove myself so to speak. Got an opportunity and made the most of it and it's about being lucky, staying healthy and coming out, working hard night in and night out. No one wants you to be around if you're not going to put in the work. I guess that's a testimony to the work I put into the NBA."

(On thoughts of playing this many games): "Undrafted, coming in, you're just excited to get a uniform, put you're name on the back, you really don't care if you play or not. You're just thankful for the opportunity. Once I had the opportunity to get my feet wet and play and enjoy this game, I just wanted to be on the floor at all times. But, did I think I would play this many games? Nah, not really."

(On playing against the Spurs): "It was an exciting game for me to have the opportunity to play against Tim (Duncan) and Pop (Gregg Popovich) over there. We have a lot of history with those guys and this is one of those games I knew everybody would get up for and everybody would come ready to play. For the most part, we did tonight. Went out there put up a good fight, got down, but the team just continued to stay in the game, continued to fight."

(On the three-point shot and hacking): "It is what it is; they still fear something. The three-ball, that's something y'all haven’t seen before. I practice that every day, got an opportunity, lined it up and it went down. They hacked me, made a couple free throws, shot a couple air-balls, still ain't nothing ya'll haven’t seen before."

Spurs Head Coach Gregg Popovich

(On the game) "I thought Detroit did a great job. I think we got up by 15 or 16 and they just kept plugging, kept their intensity, kept playing together, picked up their defense, got more physical, shared the ball great, got hot and played a heck of a game."

(On Ben Wallace) "I think he did a great job against Timmy (Tim Duncan) and he hit a couple jumpers. When he was shooting them I have to admit, I hope he won't be mad at me, but we rather have Ben (Wallace) shoot it than Tayshaun (Prince). I think Ben (Wallace) knows that too. He won't hate me for that one, but he knocked them down so to his credit."

(On Final plays) "Those three guys are pretty veteran, Tony (Parker), Tim (Duncan), and Manu (Ginobili). We ran a couple things and we ran them well. Tony made a couple of shots, a floater, and got fouled at the rim and then Richard (Jefferson) was open on a rotation and Manu (Ginobli) threw a great pass to him."

(On Richard Jefferson) "I really liked his put back. He competed hard on that and I thought he did a real fine job."

Spurs Forward Richard Jefferson

(On team expectations): "I think you have a high expectation on this team and in this organization. It's not about hey every win is a good win, you have to use them as learning opportunities. If you just judge yourself by wins and losses you're not going to learn as much as you should and you won't improve the way you should. There was some things this game we didn't do well this game and we have to get better from it."

(On alley-oop from Tony Parker):"Yeah, but theres a pretty good NBA scouting. I think we might have used up a lot of them last year when we did it about 20 times so teams are a little more prepared for it."

Spurs Guard Tony Parker

(On the game) “I’m not going to complain. Of course we could’ve played better in the fourth quarter being up 15 or 16. It would have closed out the game and got some rest for tomorrow, but Detroit kept fighting and Ben Wallace made some crazy shots and that was the beginning of their comeback and you have to give them credit. They played well at the end, we still got the win and that was most important for us.”

(On Pistons come back) “First of all, it started with a shot at the top of the key and then he (Ben Wallace) made that three, so that was the beginning. That gave them energy and they made stops and then Jerebko hits a three and then it’s contagious. Everybody starts hitting shots.”

(On team effort): “Even if we were not happy with the way we played in the fourth quarter, we can still tell ourselves that we stayed in the game and sometimes those games you lose it. We fought for it, too, in the fourth quarter and made some stops and made some big baskets at the end to win the game.”