Postgame Quotes - October 20, 2013

Pistons at Magic

Detroit: Maurice Cheeks | Andre Drummond | Peyton Siva
Orlando: Jacque Vaughn | Kyle O'Quinn | Tobias Harris | Victor Oladipo

Pistons Head Coach Maurice Cheeks

(On removing Peyton Siva in the first half) “I always knew point guards were important. I tried to just give him a breather, like a break, because I knew that he was going to be playing the whole second half. I really was just trying to give him a quick breather and it kind of collapsed on us right there but we got back in it.”

(On his team’s comeback in the second half) “We just need to play a little bit harder and make them miss shots. They were making shots but I don’t think we were helping them miss shots. We made some substitutions, put some different guys in there. It was a 23-24 (points deficit) and they got it down to a 17-16 (points deficit) and we just started being a little bit more aggressive defensively.”

(On Peyton Siva playing through an injury) “He’s (Siva) tough and that was tough for him to play against. That kind of defense with those guys swarming him like that, and he’s not that big so it’s going to be a little tougher for him but the way he played; I knew he could play that way. He played 46 minutes. As a rookie playing like that, it’s going to be tough but I thought he was great.”

On Josh Smith playing more comfortably… “He (Smith) was on the bench for a while. He came back in and he played well. I think he just had a little bit more energy, a little bit more life to him, and he played well. He was active, he was active defensively, and he was active offensively.”

(On his team’s turnovers in the first half) “The ball wasn’t as free for some reason. I guess in the fourth quarter you realize how important it is and I think our guys realized how important it was. The first couple of quarters were not good but fortunately we took care of it in the fourth quarter.”

(On Kentavious Caldwell- Pope’s shot selection) “I liked it. I don’t think it was crazy with his shooting. He was starting for the first time in his career and I thought he played pretty well. Each game I think he learns a little bit something, learns about better shot selection. He just learns a little bit more and for rookies to do that I think that’s pretty good.”

Pistons Center Andre Drummond

“He (Siva) passed the test since summer league in my book. For a rookie to come out here and play 47 minutes and play the way he did is absolutely outstanding. Of course he made some mistakes but he is a rookie. I am still making mistakes and I am in my second year. I am really proud of him and told him as soon as we walked off the court. He didn’t fold and played his heart out.”

(On comeback) “I can’t tell you the words that were said to us by Coach but there were quite a few words exchanged by all of us. He knows how to get his players going and it fueled the fire. He is a player’s coach and he played in the league so he knows what it takes to get a reaction out of somebody. He can say certain little things that make you think twice and gets you to start playing again. It is just a blessing having him here and I am just glad he is my Coach.”

“This is already my season. I take every game seriously. Every day is a stepping stone for all of us. We are starting to come together. I am proud of everybody tonight. We came out and were getting killed in the second quarter, things were going South and we came together, figured it out and it came down to the last shot.”

“We (Drummond, Monroe, and Smith) all can pretty much do the same thing. Josh obviously shoots the three but can also bring the ball up the floor and create for the other players. Greg’s passing of the ball and can create off the block…the same with me as I can create for people off the block. I can just grab rebounds, block shots, and dunk everything I get my hands on. It is just fun. We have never played with each other before even for Greg and me. We are figuring it out and it is all starting to come together.”

Pistons Guard Peyton Siva

“We tried to make a late run and started playing hard. We can see the potential of our team when we start playing hard. I think we played a good game tonight.”

“It is just tough when you don’t have another point guard. Kyle did a good job of handling the point guard position. Guys got tired and when we started putting in that conscious effort, guys that came off the bench like Jonas, Kyle, K.P., gave us good minutes and all of our starters picked up the energy.”

“I know I made some mistakes out there with just taking care of the ball, but a lot of them (veterans) gave me some good compliments like running the team and playing all those minutes. Like Mo (Cheeks) said, he never looked at the stat sheet after a game. He felt like we all played hard and contributed something. He saw what we can do and that is what we are trying to build on. Guys will get healthy. Rotations will get better but right now we are just trying to push through.”

Magic Head Coach Jacque Vaughn

Talk about end of the game and learning lessons from that situation: “I look at it entirely different perspective of we need everybody prepared to play. That could have been three games in four nights, four games in five nights and we had a group in there that I wanted to keep those guys in for them to finish. To see what it feels like to finish at the end of games. Good test, especially with Detroit having their stars in the game.”

On Tobias and his ankle: “yes, it was the same ankle and he’s going to be ok. So, it’s good to see him out there and I just talked to him and he’s going to be ok.”

On the Magic’s defense played in the first three quarters tonight: “It was great to see, like you said, pretty much under 40 percent most of the night, nine points in the second, 18 in the third that we gave up and so even though we didn’t shoot the ball very well it gave us a chance to win a ball game. The deflections, the steals, the activity, it was great to see.”

On Victor being more aggressive, how has he done: “I think on both ends of the floor he was part of that unit that really got us going defensively and with his pressure our ability to create havoc on the defensive end of the floor. He was part of that, and then his attacks offensively. I specifically remember a shot of his getting blocked by Drummond, one of the best shot blockers in the league, I love it though. It gives us an aggressive mentality where we’re dictating what’s going on.”

On end of the first half and what team did well: “I think overall the first thing I loved was our heads didn’t go downwards at all. There was a confidence that we were still in the game, and there was a lot of game to be played and I think we showed that by defensively getting into guys, creating turnovers and creating a pace that we wanted to play at.”

On full-court pressure throughout game and why use that: “Not the first time, we’ve used it in preseason before. It just gives us an aggressive mentality. Like I said, we’re going to approach every game and we’re going to try and dictate what goes on, on both ends of the floor that’s how we have to play. And I think I have a group that’s committed to playing that way.”

On Maurice and keeping him aggressive and out of foul trouble: “It’s tough, tough combination especially he started out guarding Smith tonight. Picked up some early ones, I don’t mind that though, the fact that he was playing aggressive getting into passing lanes, you know really making guys make decisions under his direction, which was great to see. Then at the same time he was efficient on the offensive end of the floor, attacked the rim, so overall very good night for Maurice.”

Were you happy with how Magic adjusted to Detroit as game went on: “That’s the part of maturation right there, and it’s seeing how the game is flowing. There’s a different pace to every game, whether fouls are called early or not, and so being able to adjust to the referees to the style of play, the physicality of play. That showed a lot by our group for sure.”

Magic Center Kyle O'Quinn

“Everyone was playing with a lot of energy, getting a lot of deflections, just playing off of everybody else’s energy and we all brought it as a group.”

“I looked up at the score and we were up 20, then up again and then we were up 4 and the lead was the worst thing you can have. You’re mind just gets comfortable, it’s just natural.”

(On Victor Oladipo) “He’s one of a kind. He just comes in and does anything he has to do to fit in. Whatever Coach says to do, he does. Whatever the vets and even the second year players, you give him a tip and he runs with it. On top of his talent, it just makes it that much better out on the floor.”

Magic Forward Tobias Harris

“We got a lot of deflections. We showed when we focused on the defensive end, really locked in and that’s where our lead came in this game. That’s where we were able to get into the open court and make plays. We keep buying into that, keep buying into that type of way; we’ll be a hard team to beat.”

“The way you practice is the way you play. So if we go out there and get physical in practice and push each other, I think it correlates to the game. I think it showed tonight. So that’s a good sign for us.”

(On his three-point shooting) “Went out and shot the ball a lot, extended my range. Game by game I work on different things, just look to embrace that and continue to work on it as a part of my game arsenal.”

Magic Guard Victor Oladipo

“I just missed shots today. I think I was pretty aggressive, I think I was pretty aggressive on both ends of the floor. Those are the shots I usually get so I’m going to keep shooting them.”

“It helps a lot, when we (himself & Mo Harkless) set the tone on defense, we can play out there and our teammates feed off our energy. We just have to keep it up.”

(On what he’s learned summer league to now) “To stop going so fast. Sometimes I don’t realize how fast I’m going. I missed a lay-up today and I was like, ‘OK’ but everybody was like running out and I was going so fast I didn’t realize I missed it. So sometime I have to slow down. Other than that, I think I’m doing pretty good. There are mistakes here and there but, they’re correctable mistakes so I’ll keep growing as a player.”