Postgame Quotes - October 16, 2013

Pistons at Bulls

Detroit: Maurice Cheeks | Kyle Singler
Chicago: Tom Thibodeau | Tony Snell | Taj Gibson

Pistons Head Coach Maurice Cheeks

(On the game): “Defensively they kept us on one side of the court. We couldn’t get the ball swinging around for easy shots. They played well, they played good defense and made timely 3’s.”

Do you think this is a measuring stick game? “I hope not, we were down 20 most of the night.”

(Were you surprised how well Rose looked?) “He looked like the old Rose. In front of our bench he got a handoff and in 2 or 3 dribbles he was at the basket. He was as fast as he ever was.”

(On his rookies pressuring the Bulls backcourt): “I like their energy and their overall play. They came into Chicago against a good team and they didn’t back down. They played hard all night.”

Pistons Forward Kyle Singler

(On the game): “I picked up a couple of tough fouls early which did have an impact on my minutes. But we have a deep enough bench that we can go to, so it was not much of a problem.”

(On the Bulls playing with new faces): “They seemed to be on the same page all night. They played well together. They forced us to play the way they wanted us to play.”

Bulls Head Coach Tom Thibodeau

(On Joakim Noah): “I liked his reaction to the ball. He looked a little rusty out there but that is to be expected. He played good defense but his reaction to the ball was outstanding."

(On the preseason): “You have to get your entire team ready for the regular season. Derrick has to get use to playing at game speed, and his teammates have to get ready to play with him at game speed. We have to get him (Derrick) ready step by step, he has to continue to build.”

(On Derrick): “Derrick had a lot of steam. Going in to the game we were concerned about rebounding. I thought Derrick was aggressive from that start, and that is what we have been seeing in practice. That is the good part, we are starting to see him find his rhythm. The moves, the explosion, the power, the change in directions…that’s been there all along. Now he has better balance and playing in rhythm.”

(On Tony Snell and the 2nd half overall): “I thought the 1st half he did a very good job, but I did not like the way we played as a team in the 2nd half. The challenge is to be a 48 minute team. We got outscored 28 to 20 in the 4th quarter. That is something we have to do better. We need to make better decisions, and our defense was none existence. “

(On Taj Gibson): “Taj has put a lot of work in to prepare to play extremely well this year. The only thing I know about Taj is if he practices well, he will play well. He is currently our best practice player. Offensively tonight we were a little choppy, possibly due to our rotations changing. But the thing I liked was that he (Taj) rebounded very well. He is having a great preseason.”

Bulls Forward Tony Snell

(How do you like the NBA?) “I am picking up things real fast on defense and on offense. I’m picking up on defense a lot faster. It’s really different from college but Thibs is a great coach and he concentrates on defense and that’s what I love, playing defense.”

(How is it playing with Derrick Rose?) “It’s a blessing to play with him and he’s teaching me things. It’s just a blessing to be part of the team. I’m trying to pick up some moves from him.”

What are you doing on offense besides your shooting? “I don’t just shoot, I’m able to drive and kick. It just depends on the situation. But if they give me my shot, I’m going to take it.”

(What’s it like being a rookie on this team?) “I have to get lotion for everybody. It’s a lot of fun. I’m learning a lot.”

Bulls Guard Taj Gibson

(What was it liked in Brazil?) “We got mobbed. When we went to the beach it was really hectic, there was a lot of security. Everybody knows the Bulls. They are big time Bulls fans down there. They knew everybody’s name.” What did you do in the offseason?

“I was working on the small things. I’m still working on figuring out on different plays what I have to do to get my shot. Kirk really helps because he knows where to get me the ball. I approach the game like an artist. Everything has to be perfect though I know that I still have a long way to go to get better and have to keep on putting in the work.”

(Looks like you got bigger in the offseason): “One thing you have to understand is that our team is physical. I mean our team is really physical so when you come in, you have to be right mentally and physically.”