Postgame Quotes - October 16, 2012

Pistons vs Magic

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Jonas Jerebko | Greg Monroe
Orlando: Jacque Vaugh | E'Twaun Moore

Pistons Head Coach Lawrence Frank

(On the second unit): “I thought they changed the game. When they came in, it was 20-18 Orlando, and by the time those guys came out it was 42-28. That second quarter was very good; I think we held them to 14 points and 33% shooting. We, I think, turned it over one time and shot 70% during that stretch during the whole second quarter. So some real good stuff, we played good basketball in stretches. Obviously we have a lot to work on, and obviously Orlando was very short handed because they rested a lot of guys as well.”

(On Orlando being short-handed): “You just have to focus on your play. Obviously with no Nelson, Redick, Turkoglu, Big Baby. But you can only play the guys that are in uniform, and we just have to focus on what we’re doing. In stretches we played good basketball, and we just have to keep on playing better basketball for longer periods of time.”

(On Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe playing together): “It’s something that we’ll continue to look at. We just have to see how it works. Going into the game that was kind of how we scripted it, and it worked out.”

(On Andre Drummond): “You just want to keep on moving forward. Like I said, this is going to be a big process, this is a hard league. Like I said, you keep it all in perspective. We’re happy with the progress he’s making, don’t get me wrong, but we’re also not unrealistic to understand what the regular season means versus the exhibition season. These are all stages of his development.”

Pistons Forward Jonas Jerebko

(On rookies’ energy level): “They did a great job coming in. They got the chance to play in the NBA for the first time in two games and they had great energy. Let the ball do the work and have fun out there.”

(On Andre Drummond): “He is very active around the basket. He’s super athletic and he’s a big guy. He’s doing a great job under the basket, moving without the ball and opening up space. He hustles plays, plays defense and blocks shots. I’m trying to be there to pick up the rebounds when he blocks the shots. He’s doing a great job out there.”

(On changing aggressive playing style while on the court with Andre Drummond): “I’m still going to play my game and do whatever it takes. We have two guys out there now who can do it, which makes it even better.”

Pistons Center Greg Monroe

(On playing Andre Drummond for the first time): "It went pretty fast, but I think it was some good minutes."

(On hitting three jump shots in a row): "Those shots were in a place I was very comfortable shooting from. They were good shots, open shots and those are shots I know I can make."

(On how Drummond helps him out): "On a pass just throwing it up there and you know he's going to go up and get an easy bucket. He's obviously a good rebounder, a good paint-protector. That's something that helps out any team."

(On his alley-oop to Drummond): "That's a simple play, but if we play a little more together we might get a chance to make a few more plays like that."

Magic Head Coach Jacque Vaughn

(On having patience): "Coach (Wes) Unseld said as we entered the coaches locker room together, 'coach you have a lot of patience." So that's been our approach and hopefully it pays dividends that we go into the season better as team and healthy also."

(On game): "I think overall just playing harder. There's one thing I could pick out for the night is just we need to play harder on a consistent basis. It doesn't matter who's playing in the game of basketball. You can win games, you can stay in games, and you can compete if you play hard."

(On seeing more effort in the future): "Without a doubt. We definitely want to see more of that. It doesn't matter who suits up for us. Injuries are apart of basketball. Guys have an opportunity and they should take advantage of it. I am completely honest when I say I have not filled out my top 10, top nine, top 12 guys on the team yet."

Magic Guard E'Twaun Moore

(On his game): "I was just trying to show them I can run the point and help run the team and be a team player. Do anything to help us win."

(On team play): “Regardless of the crowd you still have to get out there and play. You have to not pay attention to it and try to amp yourself. We're starting to learn each others personalities on and off the court.

(On coach’s message after the game): "Just keep getting better and keep improving. Every time we step out on the court, we're trying to get better."