Postgame Quotes - October 12, 2012

Pistons at Raptors

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Kyle Singler | Austin Daye
Toronto: Dwane Casey | Jonas Valanciunas | Ed Davis

Pistons Head Coach Lawrence Frank

"You shot 35 per cent, were you happy with some of the shot selection? I think that you look at it in priorities. So, how did we defend? We defended well enough to win. How did we rebound? We rebounded well enough to win. Low turnovers? Ya, that didn’t work out. So we had 24 turnovers for 25 of their points. From the naked eye, there were many shots that were good open shots that we missed. This is a good lesson for a team, there’s the essence of when you shoot you are open, yet feeling the game, reading the game may take one more pass, one more penetration. That’s a delicate line. Kyle (Singler) kept on shooting in the first half and made a couple, so that was a good thing. I didn’t think we had the rhythm that we had obviously a couple of nights ago, you have to give Toronto credit. We had some different lineups in there."

Pistons Center Kyle Singler
(Thoughts on the game…) I thought it went okay. You always want to play better, I thought I could have played better and we could of won too. But overall it was great to be out there and playing.

(It looks like one thing you do really well is run the floor…) I feel like I am in pretty good shape so one of my things as a basketball player is to move without the ball. Guys found me open and I got enough shots. But that is a strength of mine is, to find the open spot and cut and make plays that way.

(You did not back down after missing your first few shots?) I really wanted my first couple of baskets to go in, just to have my first scored basket. I could have been forcing it just a little bit but I was happy that one went and I finally got a rhythm and felt good to get that one.

Pistons Forward Austin Daye

(Your shot wasn’t falling but had 9 rebounds…) If I am not knocking down shots I have to do something out there. I was just trying to get on the offensive boards and just make sure I am making all my box outs and just trying to rebound. Its tough when you miss some of the easy ones, but I had a lot of easy ones tonight. I was just trying to do everything I could to get as many boards as I could because that is important too.

(Was it camp legs with the shooting?) I don’t know, I was kind of tired. We were playing long stretches but you have to fight through fatigue and make shots. I was missing some easy ones, one of the bank shots I thought went all the way through the basket and the heavens brought it back out. I don’t know what happened. I was happy with my effort on rebounding.

Raptors Head Coach Dwane Casey

(Thoughts on the game in general…) It wasn’t pretty to watch, but I thought our guys battled. We have not had a day off, and we played like it. But that is how it is going to be if you want to play for something. You’re going to be tired. You’re going to play through fatigue, if you’re going to play for something.

(With Ed tonight, was hard work the payoff? This was his most productive of the three games.) I wanted to give him an extended run because Ed has been working hard. It goes back to fundamentals: Ed was the sole one open in the post. We have to reward him for his hard work because of his deep post position.

(The growth you see from Ed this season compared to last season) He has really grown. With his rebounding, having presence, and the confidence. All the moments where he read over the summer and got better reading situations. That maturity level. I’m happy for him. He needs to continue to grow. He is not a finished product yet, but I see a lot of growth.

(How did Jonas do from a conditioning standpoint?) It thought he did well. He is what, 19 or 20? He can run all day. That is not going to be a problem with him. We just need to get him used to the speed and difference nuances of post defense in the NBA. That is what he has to get used to and that is why we left him out there.

Raptors Center Jonas Valanciunas
(Thoughts on your first game at home…) I’m happy because we won the game. I liked the crowd and how they supported us.

(Thoughts on playing 29 minutes tonight…) I was tired a little bit because it’s only my third practice. I’m getting back in shape and working hard, so it’s going to be alright.

(How’s does your leg feel?) I feel good. I’m a little bit tired but tomorrow we have a day off, so I have to rest and take care of my body. I give everything, so I need to recover a little bit.

Raptors Forward Ed Davis

(Thoughts on your first game at home…) I’m happy because we won the game. I liked the crowd and how they supported us.

(Thoughts on your game…) It feels good, especially to get the win and that was the main thing.

(Is it good to see Jonas Valanciunas on the floor?) It was good. He was excited and he plays with a lot of energy. It’s fun to play with him on the floor and I’m happy to see that he had a good game.

(Thoughts on team chemistry…) That is the main thing. Everyone compliments everyone differently and coach (Dwayne) Casey can use us in different ways, so that’s going to be good for the team.