Postgame Quotes - November 9, 2012

Pistons at Thunder

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Greg Monroe | Andre Drummond
Oklahoma City: Thunder Head Coach Scott Brooks | Eric Maynor | Kevin Durant | Serge Ibaka

Pistons Coach Lawrence Frank

(On overall performance): “They were ready to play and we weren’t. Bottom line is I didn’t recognize our team tonight. We didn’t come out with the approach that we normally do. Even giving up a tough first quarter we come out with some fire and some resilience and I didn’t see that tonight. The Thunder is a good team…and this is the stage that you come to perform on, and we didn’t do that. I thought Jonas (Valanciunas) came and competed. I thought he came out full of fire, didn’t back down and I was proud of that. Now we just need 5 or 6 more guys with that same approach and attitude to do that. It’s a man’s league. Nobody is going to feel sorry for you or whatever to get you down. We got to have that fire come out and have fun competing…We have got to come out compete. If we make a mistake, keep your head up and we didn’t do that and that’s what we have been talking about. Don’t let the game get you down.”

(On how hard it will be to regroup and focus): “The fact that we are a resilient team is having a stinker like that and bouncing back. Tomorrow night will tell. That is how you grow as a team. That is how we face adversity; we have said that from day one. How we face adversity is going to measure our team and tonight it was adversity and we didn’t bounce back.”

Pistons Center Greg Monroe

(On if the Pistons made progress despite tonight’s loss): “We did make progress, but there’s no consolation right now. We got to win these games. We think we did take a step, especially defensively. They’ve got two of the best scorers in the league on that team. I think we did a good job for most of the game but it just wasn’t enough.”

(On if Andre Drummond’s progression thus far in the season was surprising): “No, I wouldn’t say it was surprising. He did what he was supposed to do tonight. He let everything come to him. He didn’t force anything. He was on the boards. He got his second shots. He was strong around the rim. I wouldn’t say I was surprised at all. That’s what he was supposed to do. Tonight, he did his job really well.”

Pistons Center Andre Drummond

(On his career-high 22 points and 8-for-10 shooting): “It’s not really about the points, I could have scored 4 points. I just really wanted to win today. This was a great team we played today. We fought hard throughout the game. I’m just really upset that we lost. We’ve got another game tomorrow, so we’ve got to get prepared for that one.”

(On taking a step forward as a team): “We definitely did. We played really good defense throughout the game. We adjusted to so many of their switches and changes throughout the game. I felt that we got a whole lot better today and it will move on forward to the next game tomorrow.”

(On playing alongside center Greg Monroe): “I’m not really worried about who I play with or how much time I play, I’m just really worried about winning basketball games. That’s what it really boils down to.”

(On improving his free throw shooting (6-9 tonight)): “I work hard every single day on my free throws, just relaxing and just shooting the ball. There’s nothing wrong with my shot, I just rush it sometimes.”

Thunder Coach Scott Brooks

(Opening statement): “I thought we played good defense. We held them to 41% shooting and I thought Serge really played inspired basketball. Just looking at Eric, every game he sees to be more comfortable and making better plays. I thought he had a great, almost a flawless, first half. Perk’s (Kendrick Perkins) energy was great also. You can’t discount what he did pressuring the ball up the court and just taking time off the shot clock. Other than that, I thought our defense was pretty good the first half and just very average in the second half but it was a good win.”

(On Eric Maynor’s aggressiveness): “I talk to Eric, and all of our guys, I have conversations, not every day, but I always try to get in their ear and see where they are with their game and how we can continue to improve it. I did have a conversation with Eric three or four games ago and I just said ‘We have to be more aggressive, Eric.’ You can’t expect it just to come to you and play your minutes as if things are just going to work out. You have to make things work out and I thought he’s done a good job with that. He’s been attacking, he’s been taking his shot. He’s a great worker. He works hard. I’m glad that each game now he seems to be a little more comfortable. When you come off of that knee injury like he has, there’s some time. You’re playing NBA basketball with nine other big time players on the floor, it takes some time to get adjusted and I think he’s done a pretty good job of it.”

(On defensive consistency): “Well defense, that’s what we take pride in. Last night in Chicago, they were as physical as any team in this league. And to play a back-to-back knowing that we had to play good defense, I’m happy with that. To hold a team in the low 40’s (shooting percentage) that’s what we try to do every night and we did that tonight. Like I said, the second half wasn’t as good. We were exchanging baskets there for a six minute period, but overall I’m pleased with the way the guys defended.”

Thunder Guard Eric Maynor

On tonight’s game: “I got some good shots from teammates, they passed me the ball I hit a couple of threes and felt good…We started off slow and picked it up at the end a little bit, we got some baskets. It was a good win for us overall.”

On the second unit benefiting from the flow of the offense: “We are just trying to play. Coach Scott (Brooks) told us to be aggressive just play basketball. Try not to call too many plays, get some stops, and roll out in transition…We are trying to do that a lot now and it is working.”

Thunder Forward Kevin Durant

Energy in first half: “The energy could have been a lot better. It was good in spurts. It was one of those games where we had to fight through and I think we did that these past two nights. We have to find a way to bring the energy at the start of the game on Cleveland (Cavaliers) and while be fine.”

On Thunder forward Serge Ibaka: “He has helped carry the team all season. He is making himself available for good passes and he is knocking down shots. He continues to be aggressive and get offensive rebounds. He has been our guy and we are going to keep playing off him, which is going to help us in the long run.”

Thunder Forward Serge Ibaka

On scoring his career-high in scoring: “It feels good. First of all I’ve got to thank my teammates. They did a great job of finding me and they knew I was ‘hot’ which gave me confidence. They did a great job passing me the ball.”

On the importance of the team’s confidence in him: “It’s very important. It’s important when my teammates find me. It feels good because they know I work every night.”