Postgame Quotes - November 7, 2012

Pistons at Kings

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Kyle Singler
Sacramento: Keith Smart | Jimmer Fredette | Tyreke Evans

Pistons Coach Lawrence Frank

(Down the stretch of the game…) “Until we have a defensive mindset the road is going to be very hard for us to win. If you look at it for those who like the stat sheet you wind up with 103 points and shoot 49 percent, shoot 36 percent from the three, you have 23 assists, you get to the line 31 times and you lose. Six guys in double figures and you lose. They have 14 offensive rebounds and 56 points in the paint. We had several gambles that led to easy buckets but it comes down to as it is. We have to commit, every single guy that steps on the floor has to defend. Defend. Rebound. No turnovers. Simple formula, hard to do, but we’ll get it.”

(Offensive end…) “My point is I want to win the game so do our guys. In order for us to win the game we have to put defense first. That’s it. There were some good things offensively but we have to be able to do both. We have it in us to do it. We have yet to do it for sustained stretches. Once we do, we’ll get what we’ll deserve. Right now we’re getting what we deserve.”

(Greg Monroe…) “The ball moves. Greg is the hub who’s put together very solid games. I don’t want to make light of it because look, you have center who has a triple-double but at the same time we have to put defense first for every single guy. All these numbers are going to come through and be hollow until we all commit on the defensive end.”

Pistons Forward Kyle Singler

(Down the stretch…) “They just came up with more plays than we did. We just weren’t able to convert and get stops. They hit a couple big shots and they were able to win.”

(Being on the court late in the game…) “I felt confident down the stretch. Were there plays that I would have done things differently? Sure, but you have to play instinctively and that’s what I did.”

(Comfortable on the court…) “As long as you are feeling confident out there, feeling like you’re contributing to the team and doing a lot of things on defense there’s no reason why you shouldn’t feel comfortable.”

Kings Coach Keith Smart

“Sometimes it’s not what you want and how you want it but they somehow found a way to win the game and we got out of there with a ‘W’. It wasn’t pretty but they made the plays when it was time to make the plays and made a couple shots when we needed to make a couple of shots and won the game. But it was an ugly game for us to win. This team found a way to do it and that’s important. They somehow pulled it together to make the right plays at the right time and our bench did a great job coming in the game and giving us a plus number pretty much throughout the night with different combinations. Detroit is trying to get that win and so they had different combinations on the floor and so you’re trying to find the right group. This is going to be a hard group to get equal time and it’s not going to happen. We have too many good players that want to play, so some guys play some nights and some don’t. The bottom line is we are all in it together for one team and that’s for our team, the Sacramento Kings.”

(On Jimmer Fredette’s minutes:) “The guy stays ready all the time. He plays a game and then doesn’t, I’m trying to find the right situation for him to get in the game and I thought he kept his mind right. He was at practice early this morning working out prior to practice and he stayed with the right spirit on the floor and was able to come into the game and make some big plays for us. That’s the kind of guys you need to have when your team is growing. And I think we have a lot of character guys on our team, but every now and then we get to where we want to be on our own. But they finally backed off and understood that the team becomes more important than the individual and we ended up getting the win.”

(Any concern on the assist number over the first five games:) “When you pick up the stat sheet you see the assist number. When I look at the film I see that we aren’t making the open shot, so we need to make the open shots. Sometimes when you see the assist number and all those things there we are in an end result business…did we win the game tonight? I’m not worrying about the assist number tonight.”

Kings Guard Jimmer Fredette

(On the win:) “It was a good night for all of us; I think we played well. We had it up by nine a couple times and let it slip back but our defensive pressure at the end I think is what won the game. We got some good open looks, made open shots and played pretty well tonight.”

(On being on the floor at the same time as Aaron Brooks and Marcus Thornton:) “It worked out really well – you’ve got three guys that can penetrate and shoot the ball and are willing to give it up so I think that worked for us tonight. We were able to spread the floor and guys were hitting shots and we were finding open guys so I think it was a good lineup for us tonight.”

(When asked how he’s keeping himself in the mentality to always stay ready:) “You’ve just got to be ready like you said. You never know when you’re going to play and have that opportunity but when you do have that opportunity you’ve got to take advantage of it as most as you can. You can’t go out there and play lackadaisical and not be ready to play or else you’re just not going to get back on the floor. So you’ve just got to be ready to play, earn your minutes and hopefully I’ve been doing that.”

(When asked how much more comfortable he is on the floor this season compared to last:) “A lot more comfortable – had a really good offseason, worked very hard, did some great things. Just worked on my game and didn’t worry about anything else except for trying to get better. I think I feel a lot more comfortable, I think it shows. I feel a lot better out there and I’m ready to continue improving.”

Kings Guard Tyreke Evans

(On having seven players in double figures tonight:) “I think we did a great job. Jimmer (Fredette) and Aaron Brooks came in and did a great job off the bench. I think that’s what’s been the spark for us so far.”

(On getting so many points in the paint:) “We knew they weren’t going to try and be aggressive so we just wanted to come out and try to jump on them early, see what they’d give up. They tried to come back in the game fighting and we just started playing hard.”

(When asked if he felt like he was finding some rhythm:) “I think when I’m aggressive on the defensive end that helps on the offensive end so I just tried to be aggressive as much as I could tonight.”

(On playing San Antonio Friday night:) “We’ve got to be ready for that game. We know they’re going to come in, probably going to try to run a lot of pick and rolls so we’ve got to be fantastic on defense.”