Postgame Quotes - November 24, 2013

Pistons at Nets

Detroit: Maurice Cheeks | Josh Smith | Brandon Jennings
Brooklyn: Jason Kidd | Kevin Garnett

Pistons Head Coach Maurice Cheeks

On the Game: “Well defensively, we got out and defended the pick-and-roll, we didn’t take away the three-point shot later on, and that was one of our Achilles heels. But, I thought defensively the pick-and-roll was one of things that we were very under control in.”

On getting points off turnovers: “When you get stops like that, and you get some turnovers in the open court, we usually can convert on those, but the key was actually getting those stops, rebounding the ball, and getting out in the open court.”

On Rodney Stuckey’s game: “Stuckey has been great. When he comes off the bench and we put the ball in his hands, either with the ball or off the ball, we usually go to him and try to get points for us, so he played tonight like he has been playing all season long. But he had some big points. I thought that was one of the key victories to this victory. He had some points when they were making a run that stopped it. He had a couple that banked in and he had a couple that he made a couple of moves to the rim and made some foul shots, but he has been big like that all season.”

On the bench’s contributions: “Yeah, I mentioned it earlier before the game about guys getting ready, and being ready to play. Throwing Charlie Villanueva and Josh Harrellson in, we talked about Josh being ready to play and the last few games he’s been good for us off the bench, and Kyle Singler always plays that way. Each guy that came in the game gave us good contributions. We also have Chauncey Billups and Will Bynum out, so we still have a couple guys that can fill out that second unit. But those guys who came in the game gave us very big lifts.”

On closing out the game and getting the win on the road: “Road wins are hard to get. Any time you get a road win, it’s huge. But there’s not a team in the NBA that’s not going to make a run. Every time you get a lead on a team, they always make a run. It’s up to us to hold that run from going any further, especially on the road. When you have a team making against you on the road it’s always tough. We were able to make some foul shots when we were re in the penalty and also make some plays.”

Pistons Forward Josh Smith

On scoring 65 points in the second half and only 44 in the first half, the difference: “I think the defense sparked it. We got out in transition a little bit and we wanted to have a conscious effort to push the ball and get easy, easy points. Our defense definitely sparked our offense.”

On when Rodney Stuckey got it going, did you make an effort to isolate him: “Yeah, most definitely. Whenever a player is going on your team why turn their water off? And that is what we were able to do in the second half. We jumped on his back and he was able to carry us.”

On the play of the bench: “It is really good. Whenever you can get multiple contributions from the second unit, it is always big. Some nights it is going to take a little time for the starters to get it going but those guys came off the bench, especially CV (Charlie Villanueva) coming back because he is such an outside threat for this basketball team.”

Pistons Guard Brandon Jennings

On how satisfying is it to have the guys come together and close a game out like that on the road: “It feels good to finally get a win. But, we need to be a little more consistent if we want to be a good team in the NBA as far as winning games when we need to win games and taking care of business. We have a long home stretch for Thanksgiving so we need to take advantage.”

On what changed defensively in the third quarter: “Well we were just more aggressive and also we were able to get into the penalty early so we were also able to knock down a lot of free throws, plus we moved the ball pretty well tonight.”

On Rodney Stuckey getting on that roll in the second half: “Well, he is the go-to guy off the bench, no doubt about that. He is a big spark once he comes off the bench, he is a scorer, he is really strong and he also takes a lot of pressure off of everyone.”

Nets Head Coach Jason Kidd

How frustrating is this (losing streak) for you? “I think we all are disappointed. The third quarter is something that stands out right now that we got to get better at, coaches and players. We’re getting good looks; we just can’t finish the play. They made some shots that were tough. The ball’s just bouncing the opponent’s way right now and we just got to stay together.”

Why does your team continue to struggle in the third quarter? “Well, I think tonight it was just clear cut, transition, 19 points. We couldn’t get back, so we got to address that. We got to look at it. If it’s changes or whatever it may be but we got to get better starting that third quarter, just the third quarter in general, because we just couldn’t get back and they had a lot of layups. We score and they’re running right back at us and we just couldn’t stop them.”

On starting fourth quarter with same group from the game on Friday “They deserved to play; I should have let them play the whole game. They’re playing for one another. It’s not perfect, but that group gave us opportunity, got it to eight I think at one point. You got to tip your hat to those guys because those guys are playing hard and they’re helping one another on the offensive end and defensive end.”

Is there a reason why you haven’t been getting the same effort from the first group? “It’s basketball. It happens. For that first group, I thought we started off well. I thought Blatche definitely helped us. Reggie came in and did what he does and gave us the rebounds and toughness. I think we’re looking at one quarter so as a team we got to look at it and be honest.”

Nets Forward Kevin Garnett

On third quarter woes “Jason just questioned us in the locker room, but it’s something we’re obviously going to have to address. We’ve got to be the worst team in the league when it comes to third quarters, just unacceptable. As players we have to be accountable, including myself, and come out and do whatever it is that we got to do and apply it.”

On the last few games “To be honest, I can’t even put my finger on it. If I knew, I would share with the guys in here. It’s an ongoing thing and it’s something that I don’t know. Teams are coming out with more energy. They’re coming out scoring, aggressive. We’re not ready for that for some reason, and I don’t know why. We’ve got to figure it out. We’ve got to figure it out soon.”

On the points in the paint differential “We’re going to do some things well, and then we’re going to do some things as you just said – giving up points in the paint, second chance points and offensive rebounds. This is our Achilles heel. Until we address some of these things along with our team taking care of the basketball, these are going to be some of the things that hinder us.”

On hearing boos from the crowd “I think everybody in here is embarrassed. You definitely don’t want that at home. Like I’ve been saying, we’re going to continue to work to try to change this as best we can.”

On the team’s expectations of being better despite the injuries “Absolutely. No disrespect to Brook or Deron. They’re impact players, obviously, and we need them. But they’re out right now. We’ve somehow got to bind together and hold this fort down, everybody. It’s not going down to one or two guys. It’s going to come down to a group effort.”