Postgame Quotes - November 23, 2012

Pistons vs Raptors

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Will Bynum | Tayshaun Prince
Raptors: Dwayne Casey | Kyle Lowry

Pistons Coach Lawrence Frank

(On the last play of the game): "The play before we ran a misdirection cross-screen for Tay (Tayshaun Prince) and we saw that they switched where it wound up three-five, so what we wanted to do was have Rodney (Stuckey), who's our best screener, cross-screen Amir (Johnson), try to create another switch and try to get a two-five switch. Amir did a great job hanging to Greg’s (Monroe) body, Brandon (Knight) was the pressure release, got it, him and Greg got into a two-man game. Brandon with the great reject split and obviously got all the way to the rack and made a very great play."

(On tonight's poise): "I think overall just the poise our guys showed down the stretch really executed really, really well. I thought Tay was very good at executing down to him. Our guys showed good poise, good presence in terms of delivering the ball to (Prince) and giving him space. Getting that key stop; we had to get that stop before that last 20-second timeout in order to have a chance. Then guys following and understanding that they had no timeouts coming back, forcing (Kyle) Lowry into a tough shot, Brandon playing good defense. It's one of those things with a young group, I just liked the way we poised ourselves. We made some mistakes and gave up some shots that we don't want to give up, but being able to move onto the next play, whether it's not getting a call, whatever the case may be, our guys showed some composure tonight."

Pistons Guard Will Bynum

(On Andre Drummond) "Andre was big tonight and his energy level was high. He was out there talking defensively to give us that presence in the paint. With all that offensive rebounding; he played great."

(On Drummond's tenacity on the offense rebound): "He's improving minute by minute, second by second. It's kind of scary because he is nowhere near where he’s probably going to be in a few years. It's great to see."

(On trying to settle down play in the second half): "I just try to get the guys the ball in the right position. I don't look for myself. I just try to settle everything down and set everybody up and be a defensive presence. Also, I talk to Brandon to let him know to get right back in there. He had great poise down the stretch and made some crucial plays that we needed. That's how we got the win."

Pistons Forward Tayshaun Prince

(On the game): “We got stops down the stretch. During the timeouts coach (Lawrence Frank) drew up some stuff, a couple of plays, and we kept our floor spaced and let the guys attack and make the plays. That kind of gave us some confidence to do what we have to do. Brandon (Knight) really did a good job on the last play of just being patient because I didn’t have any timeouts. The play wasn’t set up to give him the ball, but nobody was open, so I had to give him the ball. He was patient enough and saw how much time we had and make a play out of it; kudos to him. We got some stops. Greg Monroe did a good job on (Andrea) Bargnani once we put him on him. He made some tough shots, but we made him work for it. We just stayed the course in the game. When they made the run and took the lead in the fourth quarter we didn’t stagger, we just kept pulling, kept pulling and made good things happen.

(On Andre Drummond): “I saw a lot from him. The most important thing is when he made mistakes and missed free throws he just stayed with the course, put his head down. Obviously it was tough to keep him off the offensive glass and had key blocked shots, but I think his energy kept the crowd in the game and that’s what we needed. Now we find it differently. We know he’s not going to get every offensive rebound like he was tonight, but if we can get the same energy it would help us out.”

Raptors Head Coach Dwayne Casey

(On game): "It looks like the last play was the reason and it was not. It was 15 offensive boards. Once Jonas (Valanciunas) turned his ankle and hurt his leg, he was playing on one leg. They got five offensive boards in a row and we had to get him out. He would have been a difference I thought if he was healthy to get in there but it was the plays before that."

(On Kyle Lowry): "He was penetrating. He got to the rim on one. The last two, I don't know what decision he made at that time but Andrea (Bargnani) was open on the penetration. He made that decision and that is the freedom you give players."

(On Andrea Bargnani's 34-point performance): "That was great for him personally but as a team you lose by one point. Again, 15 offensive boards and everybody has a piece of that. I would give about two or three of his buckets to get some defensive rebounds."

Raptors Guard Kyle Lowry

(On last defensive play): "He (Brandon Knight) made a play. He split the screen and finished at the rim. I do not think that was there play. I thought that it was a broken play and we got over extended and (Knight) split the screen and got to the basket."

(On last offensive play): "I got the shot I wanted, I just missed it. I got to the spot I wanted to get to on the floor. I got the shot I shot a million times and the next time I shoot it I intend on it going in."

(On Tayshaun Prince): "He (Tayshaun Prince) made two big buckets at the end of the game. He got to his spot, got to his move, and made two big buckets."

(On loss): "It is very frustrating, but it is a learning process. We have to learn faster. We have time, but we can chip away and keep playing."