Postgame Quotes - November 21, 2012

Pistons vs Magic

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Greg Monroe | Kyle Singler
Orlando: Jacque Vaughn | Andrew Nicholson | Arron Afflalo | Glen Davis

Pistons Coach Lawrence Frank

(On the second half…): “I wish I could explain it to you; I can’t down 17-0. We were off to a very good start; it was 23-13 with a couple of minutes left in the first quarter. I thought we let down right there in the last couple of minutes. We had a poor start to the second quarter; gave up 12 points in the first six minutes. I didn’t like the way we played there and then to open up the third quarter was embarrassing.”

(On his team’s body language…): “We had no energy to start. It’s like I had to call a timeout before they even start the quarter. They score six points like this and then the way they scored them; turnover and jump shot on our part, we let two lay-ups on their part. Baby gets the post up, Harkless gets a lay-up. There was a void of the necessary energy to play the game.”

(On his team’s inside presence…): “We lost it, we just lost. Once they hit us we just lost our poise. There were times where we tried to get the ball inside; we just stopped doing the things we needed to do and we just lost our way out there.”

(On his team not fighting back…): “It’s part of the deal as a team. It is a game of runs but it can’t be a game of 17-0 run, especially when the flow of the game was different in the first half. We just weren’t ready to start. We didn’t start the second quarter very well and obviously the third quarter was deplorable.”

(On losing to the magic twice in five days…): “At this point in the season Orlando is better than us. That’s what it says. It’s still very early in the season. It’s very, very disappointing the way that we played but they’ve beat us twice.”

“They have shown over two games that they’ve played better than us, that’s what they’ve showed.”

Pistons Center Greg Monroe

“We just didn’t come out with the energy that we needed to. We just have to do a better job of coming out with the energy that we needed and after controlling the game in the first half”

“They (Magic) didn’t do anything differently. They ran their sets and executed better than we did. They didn’t come out and do anything special. They stuck with the basics and they made it work.”

“They didn’t change up how they were guarding me. The number of opportunities might have been lower. They didn’t do anything special for me not to get the ball.”

(on what Magic have done to win these 2 games vs. Pistons in last week) “They have been executing coming down the stretch. I think we have lost our focus and what we need to do to win games. I am not taking anything away from them as they played well, but the things that have happened these last couple of games is on us. They are things that we can control.”

Pistons Forward Kyle Singler

“It sure is disappointing. You cannot win the way we played in the second half. You have to give the Magic credit. They played with a lot of energy.”

“We didn’t come out with the right focus. We were stagnant on offense. We just had no rhythm and that hurt us. We did not put the ball in the basket for however many minutes as we played.”

“It was on us. We took ourselves out of the game. We got away from getting the ball inside where Greg was pretty effective in the first half. We got away from that. We stopped moving and settled for jump shots.”

“We just had to slow down and get the ball inside. We had to stop the bleeding because we didn’t score. We had a long drought and with that teams get up.”

“It is just disappointing. I thought we came out with the right intent. The start of the third quarter just hurt us and knocked us back. We just couldn’t respond.”

Magic Head Coach Jacque Vaughn

(Talk about third quarter and holding them without a field goal for 9:45, was it an energy thing or a focus thing?): I thought our defense was pretty good in the first half also. I think it was just great concentration coming out of halftime and guys were focused and it showed.

(On starting Maurice tonight and thinking behind that): “It was Wednesday. I start him on Wednesdays, just a good night for him to start.”

(On Andrew Nicholson and the role he’ll play this year): “Andrew he’s continued to gain trust from the coaching staff. He’s been great. His ability to continue to learn and play with a maturity and he’s got a good ceiling ahead of him and I’m happy to be a part of trying to help him get there.”

(On Glen Davis being in foul trouble but staying in): “It was a collective effort and we talked about that going into this game. We need every individual to be ready to play and Glen got in foul trouble, Nik got in a little foul trouble, Goose came off the bench and gave us some great minutes. Kyle O’Quinn gave us some quality minutes. Our bigs really did a good job. Andrew gave us some good minutes. So every person that stepped on the floor tonight contributed and helped us get this win tonight.”

(What did you say to the players at halftime): “I wish I would’ve said something that was worth saying again but it was a few adjustments we made. And guys had a great concentration level.”

(How did Maurice play): “He was good. You know the reason we put J.J. in the lineup from the start was Jameer was hurt and we needed some more punch, so that was my reason of putting J.J. in the starting lineup from the start. And now we’re getting a little bit healthier as a team and I said from day one I wanted J.J.’s role to be off the bench and tonight was an opportunity for me to make that happen and seemed to work pretty well for us.”

(Will Harkless come back into starting lineup on Weds): “We’ll see about that. You know we’ve had injuries, we’ve had sickness and we’ve made do. And we’ll continue to do that. I thought the matchup tonight for Moe was great. I want him to play against an experienced guy that will test his ability to stay down on pump fakes and he did a pretty good job. He ran the floor and the message doesn’t change. I’m gonna put him in positions where I think he can achieve success. And I think tonight was a pretty good effort from him.”

Magic Forward Andrew Nicholson

(On his game tonight) “It’s pretty comfortable; I’m still learning the game, so still working hard.”

“The vets are helping me a lot.”

(On second half changes) “Really our defense, they scored eight points in one quarter. We stacked up on defense. Just running back on defense and locating shooters.”

Magic Guard Arron Afflalo

(On halftime talk) “Not much, we didn’t discuss too much at the half. I know we were only down three; we had missed some easy looks offensively so defensively we were pretty tight. I think we just started executing better offensively. And defensively just sustained that in the third quarter and allowed us to put on a lead a little bit.”

“That’s the key for us; we have to become a better transition team. And the only way we’re going to do that is to start getting some stops. That was very welcoming to see for us to put together a defensive effort like that, that kind of allowed us to dictate the game a little bit. We’ve been hurt in the first (quarter) so often. So hopefully we can carry that over.”

“I know we came out in the third quarter and scored eight, ten quick points. I remember us being up six, eight, ten, and it was kind of weird there, kind of pushing to 20 the way that we did. It might have been a little frustration on their part; they missed a lot of easy shots, a lot of shots around the basket. That’s basketball, it happens sometimes.”

Magic Forward Glen Davis

(On halftime talk) “He came in here and said, ‘OK’. He turned on film, and said, ‘Let’s go play hard. That’s it. Keep doing what you’re doing and we’re going to win this ball game.’ That’s it.”

“I think our defensive intensity went up and they missed some shots, that discourages a team. Basically that’s what we’re supposed to do.”