Postgame Quotes - November 2, 2012

Pistons at Suns

Phoenix: Alvin Gentry | Luis Scola | Goran Dragic

Suns Coach Alvin Gentry

(Opening statement): “As I said, we are still a work in progress. I thought we made strides from where we were the other night, especially in the rebound department. I thought we did a good job on the offensive boards on the out end and I also thought we did a really good job on the offensive boards as far as keeping them off. You know they had four early offensive rebounds and they ended up with 10 for the game. Offensively we are very much still a work in progress. We have to get a rhythm. We have to get a sense of what we are doing out there and the spacing. We will get better at that. I thought Goran was great. Once again he created a lot of open looks and we basically just have to be able to knock down the shots. Beasley had his moments. I thought he played great in certain situations. Marcin did a great job on the boards; I thought he was really great on the boards. Still got to get a little better in the dribble penetration department. Overall, team shot 41%, 30 from the three point line. So I am really happy with that.”

Rockets Forward Chandler Parsons

(Thoughts on finally getting a win) “It was really nice to have a win here, the first one is always special and you need that to get it going. If we were to loose this game then we go on the road and you start getting a little impatient and everything’s more difficult. We just needed one, we got that one and now that we have that one we need to look at what we’re dong wrong and if we didn’t repeat the mistakes we had in the first game we could have two wins right now, if we let teams go ahead early in the game it’s going to be real difficult for us and then we need to learn how to close games. We had the game; the game was for us, we were up ten we should be getting this game with much less drama than we did. So we need to learn from this but we needed one so let’s take this one and learn from it. “

(Thoughts on playing well throughout the entire game) “We need to learn that there’s only one way to win games and that’s playing focused for forty eight minutes and play hard and hustle and do all the little things, it’s not going to be pretty a lot of times but that’s just the way it has to be.”

Suns Guard Goran Dragic

(Thoughts on the game) “We were defending good and didn’t allow them to get second chance offense going. We still need to spread the floor more and our shoots we’re not good, we we’re two for eleven on three pointers. But it’s a first win for us and we’re excited and now we’re going to go on the road for three games and we have to fight every game and play like tonight. “

(On spreading the ball out) “That was a key to the game. If you have five, six, seven guys over ten points that means everybody’s dangerous for a basket and defense doesn’t know where the shot is going to come from. We weren’t selfish tonight we passed the ball around and who has the better shot that guy is going to take it. Tonight we did a really good job of that. “