Postgame Quotes - November 12, 2013

Pistons at Warriors

Detroit: Maurice Cheeks | Andre Drummond | Brandon Jennings
Warriors: Mark Jackson | David Lee | Andre Iguodala

Pistons Head Coach Maurice Cheeks

ON THE WARRIORS’ OFFENSE: “Well they got off to a good start and we turned the ball over a couple times. Like we talked about before the game, they have the firepower to ignite things. Once they got it going they got it going. They were making shots, making passes, it was a good offensive performance by them.”

ON THE WARRIORS’ EARLY LEAD: “Well you can get down on some teams 11-2 but the way they spread the floor and shoot threes, that’s how they get the spread they get. When you have a team that shoots the three the way they shoot the three, the lead can balloon pretty quickly, and it did tonight.”

ON INTERIOR DEFENSE: “Well I think we had to cover the paint. We had been pretty good with covering the paint but I think when they spread the floor the way they do, you concentrate on defending the three and consequently there are going to be some inside points.”

ON POTENTIAL LINEUP CHANGES: “Well we’ve got a couple days to think about it. We’ll see what we can do to change some things up but right now we’ll stay the way we are, but we’ve got a couple days to think about it.”

ON THE PLAY OF ROOKIES GIGI DATOME AND KENTAVIOUS CALDWELL-POPE: “They made some open shots. That’s what we need. With the big guys we have down low, in order for them to be really good, we’ve got to get some outside shooting and those guys stepped in and made some shots.”

Pistons Center Andre Drummond

ON HOW TOUGH IT WAS WHEN THE WARRIORS GOT ON AN EARLY ROLL: “It’s very tough when they get on a roll like that. You just have to go out there and be ready to play.”

ON THE SLOW START: “I don’t know. We just have to come out ready to play. There is nothing more to that. We have to come out with better effort, more energy and we just have to do a better job.”

ON WHY THE WARRIORS HAD SO MUCH SUCCESS DOWN LOW: “I would have to see what we are doing as a whole. I can’t see everything when I am on the court so I would have to see the film to see how you can correct that. When you are playing a team that can shoot from outside, guys tend to fade out a little bit more and that opens the roll up a little bit. But I will have to watch the film to see exactly what the problem is.”

ON WHAT COACH MAURICE (CHEEKS) SAID AFTER THE GAME: “He was mostly talking about the effort. They are a good team but with the effort we came with, we won’t beat anyone. It was definitely a tough game for us so we have to be better than that.”

Pistons Guard Brandon Jennings

ON HOW TOUGH IT IS TO COME BACK AFTER GETTING IN A HOLE SO EARLY ON: “It is really tough. They are a great team so to be down by 20 at halftime it is very tough against a team that makes a lot of threes and moves the ball well.”

ON THE TEAM’S EFFORT: “Definitely no effort. It seemed like we weren’t ready to play from the jump. On the road you can’t be like that. You have to have more energy than the home team.”

ON THE WARRIORS’ EASY LAYUPS AND DUNKS: “Yes. I think because we were so worried about the threes they were able to get the ball in the paint and have a lot of uncontested layups and dunks.”

ON THE PISTONS’ DEFENSE: “We are all NBA players in here so I feel like if we have a problem with the defense, we just have to make adjustments on the fly or in the game. Teams are going to make shots and three pointers but we can’t get down and it seems like we just get a little frustrated. We just go away from our whole defensive scheme that we have.”

Warriors Head Coach Mark Jackson

ON TONIGHT’S GAME: “The thing that was great about tonight was that we did an outstanding job of sharing the basketball. That first quarter--13 assists--we just made plays. The great thing about it is that you can be unselfish not just offensively, but defensively as well. I thought we really did a superb job of paying attention to the details in sticking with our game plan and executing it. Our starters really set the tone.”

ON ONLY HAVING ONE TURNOVER IN THE FIRST QUARTER: “We just made plays. When we are unselfish and don’t try to make homerun plays good things happen. We got five guys on the floor that can make plays.”

ON HOW THEY UTILIZED ANDREW BOGUT AGAINST THE BIG FRONT LINE: “We went with Bogs (Andrew Bogut) against Greg Monroe, both of those guys are having an outstanding season so far. Then it’s Josh Smith at the small forward – that’s a huge front line. I don’t think you could find a more athletic front line - in a long time. Bogs (Andrew Bogut) allowed us to play (Greg) Monroe one-on-one and I thought our smalls did a good job of coming in and keeping bodies on those guys. We got it going offensively by running and getting stops.”

ON HOLDING THE PISTONS TO THREE MADE 3’S: “You can play great defense against a guy like Brandon Jennings and he can get it going. Last year against Milwaukee we played great defense in the first half, and in the second half he took over the basketball game. It was a combination of our defense and some missed shots. I thought our guys were aware and alert defensively of who could hurt us and how.”

ON HIS BENCH TONIGHT: “I thought Jermaine (O’Neal) gave us great minutes. I was disappointed with our bench overall. We had 11 turnovers with three minutes to go in the third quarter and finished with 23 – did a bad job of taking care of the basketball. I’m not happy at all with that. They have to be better, they know that and we’ll move on.”

ON ANDRE IGUODALA QUICKLY ACCLIMATING TO HIS TEAM: “I think that’s overrated. Go get me five guys in the park that never met each other that know how to play basketball and they’ll figure it out. With our four guys already, we inserted Andre (Iguodala) with his ability to make plays and read situations – you didn’t have to build chemistry, he fit and fit right away.”

Warriors Forward Andre Iguodala

ON FAST START IN FIRST QUARTER: “We have high expectations for ourselves and we know what we’re capable of. We know that it’s not going to be handed to us and we have to go out there and improve every night, respond from losses and I feel like tonight was a good response from the last two games. We executed the way we wanted to and we talked yesterday about a lot of things we wanted to accomplish and we did that.”

ON HOW THE STARTING FIVE HAS MESHED TOGETHER: “I think we just complement each other really well with what different guys bring to the table and how they complement the next guy. We’re having fun out there but we still understand we have a job to do and we want to be one of the top teams in the league come the end of April. We’re trying to get ready every game.”

ON POSSIBILITY OF BECOMING AN ELITE HOME TEAM LIKE DENVER NUGGETS LAST YEAR: “The opportunity is there and we have to try to take advantage of it. The only difference is the altitude. The elevation played a big part of that, especially on back-to-backs with teams coming in, they were pretty much done after halftime. Third quarters were big to us, with the altitude but we’re trying to challenge to make this place [Oracle Arena] a place of wins.”

Warriors Forward David Lee

ON KEYS TO HOME STAND: “We talked about that for us to be a successful team, we have to win our home games and go out on the road and win the games you’re supposed to on the road and steal one or two against the really good teams on the road. Tonight, coming back for a home game, this was a pivotal game for us and I thought we took care of business from the jump. I think the biggest difference was we were very unselfish and that really propelled us offensively, and defensively we picked up right where we left off on the road trip and played overall good defense.”

ON STARTING FIVE ALL BEING ABLE TO SCORE: “You know that’s when we’re most effective, because everyone on the floor is capable of finishing inside, or capable of making a pass and that’s not true of every team but that starting unit of ours, everyone has skills with the ball and cane make plays for one another. That’s when we’re most effective; when we’re unselfish.”

ON ADDITION OF ANDRE IGUODALA INTO STARTING FIVE: “That’s just a compliment to him, how he really knows the game and is great at blending. It would be easy for him to come in here and want to shoot a bunch of shots, but instead he’s very unselfish and you see it with his assist numbers and like you said, he fits right in with the way we’re playing and getting up and down the floor on the half court. He’s been a wonderful addition and that’s the reason we brought him in.”