Postgame Quotes - November 12, 2012

Pistons vs Thunder

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Tayshaun Prince
Oklahoma City: Scott Brooks | Nick Collison | Jeremy Lamb

Pistons Coach Lawrence Frank

(On OKC taking momentum): "We're up 11 going into the fourth and they went with a small lineup and switched everything and it really gave us problems. We just became very stagnant. They have the ability, with the length of (Kevin) Durant able to guard one through four, and (Serge) Ibaka protecting the rim. Some of that is on me; some of it is just on our decision making. Their switching and just their ability to be able to switch multiple positions, gave us problems. I have to be better, and we have to make some better decisions during that time, but I think obviously our group competed very hard, it's just hollow when you don't come away with a victory."

(On being emotionally invested): "I know, having been through it, when you're struggling to win a game, the bottom line is ‘let's compete like that every night.’ If we compete like that every night, we'll get our fair share of wins. It can't just be selective and sometimes you compete and you lose, but it's obviously disappointing to lose that game. Yet at the same time, I don't ever think whether it's a win or a loss it becomes a season-defining game; the season is just too long. You just have to have some resolve and bounce back, that's just the nature of this league."

Pistons Forward Tayshaun Prince

(On having the ability to guard Russell Westbrook more successfully): "No, because of the way we were playing (Kevin) Durant early in the game. It was a situation where we tried to keep the ball out of Westbrook's hands. Once he knew that, he was extremely aggressive. He had a couple things going for him early, but in the fourth quarter he got in our paint, which is a huge problem. He obviously has the speed to do that."

(On being "caught up" in the losing): "The effort has been there both times we've played Oklahoma City. We understand the fire power they have, but now we have to understand we need to come with that same mindset playing against these other teams. No matter who we play, we have to play with this type of aggression throughout the game. Max (Jason Maxiell) was unbelievable for us and covered a lot of our mistakes. This loss was tough to swallow because the guys put out a great effort for a long period of time."

Thunder Head Coach Scott Brooks

(On defense): “We went small and just switched everything. I thought the guys did a great job of showing some activity, getting their hands on loose balls and rebounding the basketball. Then we spread the court offensively and we were doing a good job of attacking and getting to the free-throw line.”

(On Thabo Sefolosha): “I thought Thabo’s game won the game. He didn’t score until he hit those two free throws which were big. That put us up one but his defense, his toughness, his game-winning plays, his eight rebounds.”

(On coming back from a deficit): “It says that we never quit. That is one of our trademarks. We always play hard until the end. There is a lot games where we don’t play well, but there is very few we don’t play hard. Tonight there were so many set up opportunities for us but it wasn’t our night. Four and five nights in three different cities but we didn’t use those excuses.”

Thunder Forward Nick Collison

(On game): “We had to find some energy. We were down for three quarters and we found some energy. Coach (Brooks) made an adjustment and we started switching everything and we competed finally.”

(On defense): “Like I said we started switching and made it tough for them to execute. They really execute well, but they have struggled as well, but their offense (Pistons) was pretty good. We switched everything and they stopped getting advantages off the offense.”

Thunder Guard Jeremy Lamb

(On playing first game with the Thunder): “It was different but it was good. It was time for me to get the feel of it. It wasn’t long but it was a good time for me so it was a good start. You have to start somewhere so it is encouraging.”

(On unexpected opportunity to play):“I had no idea. I was real surprised and that is one thing that cannot happen. You always have to be ready. Tonight I didn’t do that so I always have to be ready whenever my name is called.”

(On if he was nervous): “I wasn’t real nervous just trying to get a feel for the game.”