Postgame Quotes - March 8, 2013

Pistons vs Mavericks

Detroit: Brian Hill | Khris Middleton
Dallas Mavericks: Rick Carlisle | Mike James | Vince Carter

Pistons Assistant Coach Brian Hill

(On playing better in the second half): “The only thing I can say is after being very disappointed with our effort in the first half defensively and the game plan mistakes we had, I thought our guys took the challenge in the second half and gave us a much better effort defensively. Other than one stretch bridging the third and the beginning of the fourth quarter where we didn’t do a great job in getting back in transition, that’s where they hit the four threes in a row, which put us in a hole for the rest of the game. I thought we did an excellent job defensively and better job with our offensive execution. We got a couple good looks at the end, they didn’t fall, but it was really the plays leading up to that that really hurt us the most as opposed to missing two threes at the end of the game.”

(On difference in the offense in the second half): “I really think it was more we were getting stops defensively and getting an opportunity to get out and get some baskets in transition. When Charlie (Villanueva) came into the game, it gave us a lift, primarily because of how Dallas was playing him; they didn’t want to leave him. We were running high pick and rolls with Max (Jason Maxiell) or Greg (Monroe), so it either opened up rolls to the basket or passes to the weak side of the floor. He knocked down a couple of big threes for us and Khris (Middleton) gave us a really nice lift coming off the bench tonight.”

Pistons Forward Khris Middleton

(On confidence): "It helps your confidence when you knock down shots. I just try to make plays and help the team stay in the game."

(On comfortability): "It comes from putting in work before and after practice and staying confident, as well as my teammates having confidence in me."

(On not giving up): "None of us are going to give up no matter how the game is going. They went on a nice little run with threes, and we answered right back."

Mavericks Head Coach Rick Carlisle

(On Game): “A lot of good things. We did not do a good job in the fourth, but we held them off and got the win and that is a positive. We made a couple mistakes that last play. We blew that coverage, but we got lucky. If you do enough good things over the course of the game the basketball gods are sometimes kind to you in that situation.”

(On Dirk Nowitzki’s late field goals): “They were huge because we were down. I believe we were down a point right? We answered, got the lead back, and I do not believe we relinquished it, but it was the kind of game we knew it was going to be.”

(On Pistons):“They are a resilient team. They have young guys that have turned into fighters. Lawrence (Frank) and Brian Hill have done a great job with them and they are going to get better and better.”

Mavericks Guard Mike James

(On ball movement): “We always play well when we move the ball and we have a lot of assists. I think our biggest things is when we are able to get attempts and not turn the ball over.”

(On fourth quarter): “That was a huge stretch obviously, because they went on their run and they were able to cut the lead down real short and then their crowd started to get into it. We were able to make plays at the end of the game. I think that our lead kept us afloat especially when we started missing shots during that stretch and they started hitting big shots. We have to learn from our mistakes tonight and learn when we get a big lead like that how to keep moving forward.”

Mavericks Guard Vince Carter

(On game): “I was just trying to do whatever was needed for our team. We had a lot of guys putting the ball in the basket. I had my moment, but more than anything just trying to get us as many possessions as possible.”

(On execution): “I will say this, yes, but at the same time we want to execute on both ends. I think we left a very good shooter open who was starting to feel his groove. I do not care how many minutes he played or did not play. He hit one, maybe two, and just got himself in a groove.”

(On team play): “Just stick with it. Just play through it and whatever happens we have to keep rolling and stay consistent; persevere, all of the motivation words you can find in the dictionary.”