Postgame Quotes - March 6, 2013

Pistons vs Knicks

Detroit: Brian Hill | Brandon Knight
New York Knicks: Mike Woodson | Tyson Chandler | Raymond Felton

Pistons Assistant Coach Brian Hill

(On game): “I have nothing negative to say. I thought we played with some difficult lineups out there tonight. I thought they gave us every ounce of energy that they could possibly give us. We made some shots and had a 10-point lead in the third quarter and then we had a couple situations between offensive rebounds, between some game plan mistakes on pick and rolls, they knocked down a few big threes and had a 10-0 run at the end of the quarter. We needed contributions from everyone tonight and everybody gave us the effort. We didn’t get great production from everybody, but we got great effort so I can’t fault our guys.”

(On Brandon Knight and the team’s energy in the third): “He (Knight) and Jonas (Jerebko) brought us good energy. Jonas made three big shots in that quarter, Brandon brought us great energy. He and Jose (Calderon) both got off to a rough start shooting the basketball, we had some open looks from both those guys early in the game, but they didn’t go down. At halftime, I told those guys that those shots we didn’t make in the first half, we’d make them in the second half. Brandon, to his credit, came back and knocked down some big shots. Jonas helped us with big buckets in that stretch. New York is a difficult team to play against because of all the switching with their defense and everything that they do. A lot of times they get you standing around and stagnant and that happened to us a few times tonight.”

Pistons Guard Brandon Knight

(On playing without big guys): "It just happens throughout the season, when guys go out with injuries. It made it a little bit tougher as far as us trying to find a flow for our team, but I think we did a good job just playing the game and figuring it out. It just didn't end up working out toward the end."

(On New York's ability to make three-pointers): "That's kind of been the thing with New York. All the times that we've played them they've relied on 3-pointers. It got them back in the game tonight and it eventually pushed them over the hump."

Knicks Head Coach Mike Woodson

(On come back): “Our defense picked up. Teams make runs and they made a heck of a run. It got down to as many as 10 then I took a timeout and screamed a little bit and we came back in that fourth quarter. Our defense really picked up. We kept getting stop after stop and then we made some shots to get us back in it.”

(On Raymond Felton): “Well, he did not turn it over and he made shots and ran our ball club. The first quarter we had seven turnovers in seven minutes and on the road you cannot do that. You have to give yourself the opportunity to score the ball. That was seven possessions we came up empty and they scored, I think, on five of the seven possessions.”

(On playing without Carmelo Anthony): “Melo is a big piece to our ball club and we have had games this year where he missed and we have been successful. Again, that is the sign of a true team. A team that is willing to step up and make plays and win regardless of who is in uniform. It was a total team effort again tonight.”

Spurs Forward Tyson Chandler

(On halftime adjustments): “I thought we really locked in and got aggressive, did an excellent job of switching off and talking defensively. I think we held them to 12 points (in the fourth), which was excellent, and we came up with a lot of steals because a lot of our guards were in the right place at the right time.”

(On turnovers): “We have to get a shot. We have to value the ball. I took part in that as well. First quarter, I think we had 12 turnovers, which is really uncharacteristic of us. But at the end of the day, we were able to get the win. So it’s a good learning experience, and we can take it with a win.”

Knicks Guard Raymond Felton

(On momentum change): “The game of basketball is about runs. Those guys put up a good fight. They started hitting some shots, making plays, getting defensive stops, but we reversed it at the end of the third in the last five or six minutes and then in the fourth, so we were able to come through with a victory.”

(On personal performance): “Just being aggressive and taking what the defense gives me. Instead of trying to over penetrate, sometimes I just had to pull up and take that short jump shot, and that’s what I did.”