Postgame Quotes - March 5, 2014

Pistons vs. Bulls

Detroit: John Loyer | Andre Drummond
Chicago: Tom Thibodeau | Taj Gibson | Jimmy Butler

Pistons Head Coach John Loyer

(On the fourth quarter): “It’s a one-point game to start the fourth. They go on a 7-0 run. Their intensity picked up. Our attention to detail and getting good shots went down. They made a few shots at the end of a shot clock. I remember a running hook, a couple plays that I thought we hung our heads a little bit instead of going right down and getting another bucket. But it’s a good team. We win the first and third quarters. We just gave up 34 points in the fourth. It’s just not winning basketball.”

(On Joakim Noah and the Bulls): “He’s a good player. He’s an All-Star player. We need to do a better job of consistently blocking out and giving them one shot. That’s a playoff team that knows how to play together and have been together for a while. That’s a pretty good opponent.”

Pistons Center Andre Drummond/b>

(On losing): “They’re a great defensive team; they made it tough for us to get into our stuff. We’re going back and forth and we were down by one for three quarters and then they executed in the fourth quarter and we came out with the loss.”

(On the Bulls): “They executed; they ran their stuff. They’re a playoff team and they’ve been in situations like this before so they know what to do and what plays to run to get themselves the easy bucket.”

Bulls Head Coach Thibodeau

(On Game): "I thought the rebounding was huge. I thought Jimmy (Butler) had a tough matchup and that is the great value of Jimmy. You are battling (Josh) Smith and you have to guard (Rodney) Stuckey. I thought Jo (Joakim Noah) started slowly and came on as the game went on and got better and better." (On ball movement): "I thought the ball movement was very good and then we got the turnovers down to a manageable number which was critical."

(On fourth quarter): "I thought we were real strong in the second and fourth. We talked about how we want to finish games. Our defense, I thought, was strong. Our ball movement was good. Hitting the first open man made a difference."

(On Joakim Noah): "He (Joakim Noah) has been on an incredible roll for a long time. The Brooklyn game was really his first down game. He is just in there battling and he is patient."

Bulls Guard Taj Gibson

(On Joakim Noah): "He's making a lot of plays, he's being real unselfish, rebounding the ball, talking on defense; that's why we give him the ball. He's able to take guys off the dribble and he's able to find guys in every fashion. He showed that tonight again."

(On team play): "A lot of different guys are stepping up. They've put in a lot of work in on their games and are able to help in different fashions. Guys are just focused on the team. We need everybody to put in 110%. We try to execute everything coach tells us to do."

Bulls Guard Jimmy Butler

(On Joakim Noah): "He means the most to this team. He's our leader and he does so many things well on offense and defense. A triple-double is light for him, that's something we expect from him."

(On individual play): "I feel like my rhythm is starting to form. I've been able to get out and get easy baskets. I've been able to get to the line as well and that's the best thing that I do, besides defense. When I'm clicking like that and guys are finding me, it makes it easy."