Postgame Quotes - March 31, 2013

Pistons at Bulls

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Greg Monroe | Charlie Villanueva
Chicago: Tom Thibodeau | Luol Deng

Pistons Head Coach Lawrence Frank

(Q: On how they played another close game?) A: “I thought we did a lot of good things out there tonight. They just got to the free throw line a lot, and made them. Also, our turnovers, especially down the stretch, hurt. If a couple of plays out there go our way, we win. We lost, but gave everything out there tonight. They just got some key offensive rebounds and a couple of scores, that made the difference.”

(Q: On the last shot:) A: “We were looking for a quick two. But with their defensive switches we had to take time off the clock which meant we needed to take a three. Deng was a huge part of that defense. He's a tough match up for anymore. He got to key loose balls, and open on pick-and-rolls. Jose Claderon has a tendon problem in his arm and couldn't shoot. That's a part of what was happening with that last shot.”

(Q: On their overall play:) A: “We held to them under 40% shooting and out shot them. With that you would think we would win. The difference was in the free throws. There is a fine line between winning and loosing. We just missed some timely rebounds at the end. However, our guys don't have to hang their heads. Towards the end, our guys responded when they (the Bulls) hit big shots. If we continue to give ourselves a chance to win like that, we will grow as a group.”

Pistons Forward Greg Monroe

(Q: On the end of the game:) A: “The difference tonight was down the stretch we had turnovers. I had a big one. We also missed a number of rebounds. We gave a good effort the whole game, but we were just a step late on plays down the stretch. We didn't loose tonight because of a big lapse in the game.”

(Q: On his 3 years without beating the Bulls?) A: “Anytime you loose a close game like this one it is very frustrating. Tonight it was just one or two plays that made the difference. Yes, we want to end this streak as well.”

Pistons Forward Charlie Villanueva

(Q: On the final play and his shot?) A: “Yes, the shot felt real good. Jose did a good job finding me, and I just missed it. I'll take my chances with that shot anytime. It was designed for us to get a quick two. They just played good defense. The clock was running down so we went for the next best thing which was the 3. We just need to continue to build on this. We all have pride and are competitors. Tonight's effort was and indication of that.”

Bulls Head Coach Tom Thibodeau

(On the readiness to play:) “I was concerned about this game coming off yesterday's tough loss, back to back and the early start. Our team needs to understand the importance of readiness to play. We dodged a bullet. We got out of a hole. Defensively we were better in the 2nd half. We have to clean that up.”

(On big plays by Butler and Deng:) “We were trying to find a way to win at the end. Hustle plays did it. Nate had some big plays, Taj had a big multiple effot game, Daequan Cook bave us big minutes. Right now we need everyone. The line-up in the 2nd half, I was happy with getting enough shooting to spread the floor. Detroit is unique. At times they had Knight, Calderon and Stuckey on the floor at the same time. We were able to do a lot of switching. That helped us out some. You sacrifice a lot when you go small. You give up defense and rebounding. I prefer to stay big. That gets overlooked with Luol. He is long and plays with great length. When other teams go small, we are able to stay long. We just have to find different ways to win.”

(Good to have a player like Nate Robinson?) “The thing about Nate is he thinks he is always hot. I say that in a positive way. He does not swell on a miss. He believes he will make his next shot. Nate is a catalyst. As my former boss would say, he is scaring both of us. Nate is having a very good year for us.”

Bulls Forward Luol Deng

(Were you trying to get to the rim more?) “No, I was just frustrated I was missing free throws. They kept fouling me.”

(On the game:) “We did a good job. I had a lot of help. I was being aggressive. I've been shooting the ball well. Shooting comes and goes, but I'm always in the gym, always shooting. There are days when you feel great and I feel I've been shooting well lately.”

(On 18 straight wins over the Pistons:) “It was just a game we had to win. We beat them so many times, but the record doesn't really matter when you play that day. I thought they played well. They had us back on our heels. The whole game, we kept trying to get the lead, but they kept making plays.”

(On the remaining 10 games:) “The main thing is getting healthy but also playing your best basketball at this time. We just have to keep working and spending extra time in the gym.”