Postgame Quotes - March 26, 2013

Pistons vs Timberwolves

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Kim English
Minnesota: Rick Adelman | JJ Barea | Ricky Rubio

Pistons Head Coach Lawrence Frank

(On game): "I just thought offensively, we didn't put a whole lot into the game offensively, in terms of we didn't do a lot to help each other. We missed some shots, but we were walking into actions, not sprinting into screens, not holding screens, not rolling hard to the basket, we got frustrated that we didn't make shots. And then defensively, we just totally had so many defensive breakdowns. Then like any team, they got confidence. So Rubio, who is a 19 percent 3-point shooter and made 11 threes all year, makes two. Because again, they were open...We just didn't show a lot of resolve tonight."

Pistons Guard Kim English

(On frustration): “Very disappointing. They’re a team that usually doesn’t shoot well from beyond the arc, but then they got it going and their basket got bigger. They went on a run where we couldn’t make shots. It’s a very disappointing loss after recent encouraging performances.”

(On break down in third quarter): “We just didn’t guard. Maybe it was because we were down on the shots, but we didn’t guard the way we know we can. We have to get better on the defensive end.”

(On shaking off losses): “You have to. With every win you have to move on, and with every loss you have to move on. Hopefully this loss can inspire us to really come out and give a much better effort against Toronto.”

T'Wolves Head Coach Rick Adelman

(On ball movement): “All night long it was good. I really think we were very active. We had a poor game at home against Chicago. We did not come out like we needed to. It seems like the last two road games we have been playing at a much higher level.

(On first time in franchise history with back-to-back 20-plus point victories on road): “Road victories this year have been far and few rather it was 20 or not.”

(On 3-point shooting): “We got really good rhythm going and a lot of different people made shots. We wanted to penetrate and kick. They were trying close off the middle and Pek (Pekovic) was the one who set the tone by getting stuff around the basket. They tried to get in and they found people.”

(On Ricky Rubio): “I think it is conditioning too. I think his legs are there and he is stronger and he feels better about it. One thing is if we move the ball as a team he is a guy who is going to get shots.”

T'Wolves Giuard JJ Barea

(On game): “We are due for some makes. With Chase (Budinger) back it opens up the floor for the second unit and we are moving the ball. We were moving the ball a lot better today to get open shots and we were knocking them down so hopefully we could carry this over.”

(On 3-point shots): “That is what happens. Our starters did a good job and started getting hot and then they kept us going in the second half and started flowing so hopefully we get it.”

(On bench): “They did a good job. The starters did a great job starting that third quarter and then put us in a good situation for that fourth.”

(On defense): “We kept them out of the paint and forced them into tough shots and then we got out and ran in transition and it worked for us tonight.”

T'Wolves Guard Ricky Rubio

(On third quarter run): “I think it was our defense. We picked up our energy on defense and then we got easy baskets on fast breaks and then we made shots.”

(On team play): “It was fun. When shots are going in it is easier to play. We have been strong all season long. We do not have the edge from three and it is fun to have one of those games and we just have to keep it rolling.”

(On ball movement): “When we share the ball we are a better team and we have to know that. We just have to the right play and run it.”