Postgame Quotes - March 22, 2013

Pistons at Heat

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Greg Monroe | Jose Calderon
Miami: Erik Spoelstra | LeBron James | Dwyane Wade

Pistons Head Coach Lawrence Frank

“I thought our (Detroit Pistons) effort was good. We had good energy but I didn’t think we were able to sustain it for long. There were some game time mistakes that we made and the turnovers really hurt us. We had crisp ball movement for the better part of the first half. I counted only about four bad offensive possessions in the first half. Our effort was good and we have to clean up some execution things, but I really liked our intent the first half. We just have to sustain it and now we have to get ready to play the Charlotte Bobcats tomorrow.”

“When you are playing a high level team like the Miami HEAT, the controllable things and game plan mistakes can’t have a large margin of error just because of how good they are.”

“They (Miami HEAT) are a great multiple effort team but as long as you move the ball we will get open shots and driving opportunities. I thought that was very crisp and something to build on.”

“You have to credit the Miami HEAT but at the same time we have to take better care of the ball.”

“We (Detroit Pistons) want to build on some of the good stuff but you can only build on it if we are going to maintain that same intent that we had tonight for the better part of the game.”

(On the game tomorrow vs. the Charlotte Bobcats): “We (Detroit Pistons) have to get ready for the game tomorrow versus the Charlotte Bobcats. They are a team that has won two games in a row. Bottom line is that we have to compete every single night, we can’t just do it against the Miami HEAT.”

(On Greg Monroe): “We (Detroit Pistons) had to get him (Greg Monroe) in the high-seam areas and flash him behind their (Miami HEAT) defense. Once he had rhythm we started to go to him and he was able to get position on Chris Bosh and Chris Andersen on the back ends. Greg Monroe played a nice game tonight.”

On Kyle Singler: “He (Kyle Singler) has put together some good games. LeBron James is obviously one of a kind but I liked Kyle’s confidence playing him. He never hung his head.”

Pistons Center Greg Monroe

(On the game): “Everybody was moving the ball. We were being patient for the right shot. We played very well offensively in the first half. They did turn it up. I think they were gambling a little bit more than the first half (in the second half). In the second half, they would rotate all the way on some of their help (defense). We knew they were going to make a run. That’s what this league is all about. It’s about withstanding and/or preventing a run.”

(On the Miami HEAT bench): “(The rest of their guys) are still talented players. We have to be as focused and aggressive on defense as we were, no matter who is in the game.”

Pistons Guard Jose Calderon

(On the game): “Some nights, it happens. You get the wrong team. Every (winning) team is playing for something big, usually. It’s tough when you play against those (winning) teams.”

(On the identity of the team): “It’s about showing what we can do. They are a great team. I think we gave our best. It’s not like they just beat us. They beat 24 teams before us. Tonight it was totally different. A lot of people probably expected them to beat us by 40 or 50 (points). That’s not going to happen. We have to be positive with the effort that we had tonight, for sure.”

Heat Head Coach Erik Spoelstra

(On the game): “We were a little flat in the first half but in the second half the urgency was much better. We created a lot more opportunities offensively off of our defense. [We were] getting some easy ones. We were playing with a lot more athleticism. In the second half I liked the way we finished the game.”

(On Chris Andersen’s play): "He earned those minutes in the second half in particular. He was really active. The stat line doesn’t necessarily show his impact because it says only one blocked shot. It seemed as if he was altering probably six or seven or eight shots at the rim. He’s really big once he gets off the ground. He gave us some spark points at key times. That’s what he’s here for and he’s getting stronger as the season goes on.”

(On the HEAT’s starts to games over the streak): "It’s on the radar. There’s no question about it. We need to put together complete games. Now it has been three games is a row where we haven’t gotten off to the energetic start that we’re looking for, so we’ll have an opportunity to get back to it on Sunday. No excuses. We’re not making excuses for ourselves.”

(On the Mario Chalmers’ and Norris Cole’s play on both offensive and defensive end): “They were both giving us good minutes and that’s what it’s about. They’re both cheering for each other. Rio [Mario Chalmers] was very good in the first half. I was going to go with the normal rotation, but Norris was creating some havoc there defensively in the fourth quarter. [He was] really applying a lot of pressure and then he was able to get some easy ones off those turnovers. So he earned those minutes and that’s what we’re always looking for. We’re playing more point guard basketball this year than we have in the past and those guys are giving us good minutes.”

(On getting Chris Andersen into the offense with the lob pass): "It has happened pretty quickly. I think the first two or three games we missed timed a few of them...he does give us that element of vertical spacing.”

(On the bench’s play): “They’re gaining more and more confidence. They really are. It doesn’t really matter which group that we have out there. They take it to heart that they want to put together good minutes on the scoreboard. Those guys are stepping up and giving us good minutes.”

(On the HEAT’s energy when starting the games): “It’s an area that we need to address. This team has shown that now for three years that when there’s a particular aspect of the game we’re not playing the way we’re capable of we address it, we show up, we work on it and we try to improve on it. Hopefully it will change on Sunday.”

(On the streak and the playoff feel for every game): “However it is happening, teams are coming at us. That’s a good thing. We can’t sleep walk into a game. We have to bring it. We have to play well at both ends. We have to dig. We have to earn wins, and we’re playing against our opponents’ best games. That only helps. That sharpens you. The more you get tested in this league, the better you get as long as you handle it the right way. I like it. I like that every game we’re getting tested.”

Heat Forward LeBron James

(On the change defensively after halftime): “We turned up a little bit more and we became more alert of what they were running. They caught us off guard in the first half with a few of their sets.”

(On the streak and reaching 33): “It is not a goal (to reach or beat the streak) and it has never been a goal of mine. I think right now we are taking each and every game as its own. We need to prepare for the next one which is Sunday. I am not going to sit here and downplay and act like I don’t know what the record is, I know it is 33. We don’t get caught up and say ‘okay eight games until we get it.’ We just play our next game and we see what happens.”

(On hearing the 1971-1972 Los Angeles Lakers pulling for them to beat the streak): “I just appreciate it. I appreciate the history. For them to say that they are pulling for us to get the streak, I think that is cool. I respect the game and I respect the guys who paved the way for me and the rest of my teammates. That is a cool thing but we have a long way to go and we can’t focus on that right now.”

Heat Guard Dwyane Wade

(On the game): “We just find ways to win games and that is all that matters this time of year.”

(On if there is any pressure playing these games): “No, no pressure. It is fun, it’s cool.”

(On hearing the 1971-1972 Los Angeles Lakers pulling for them to beat the streak): “I don’t believe it.”

(On the streak): “It is awesome. It is cool. If you think about it there are teams in the league right now who don’t even have 25 wins for the season. You have to be thankful and very blessed to be in this situation right now and enjoy it while you have it...I enjoy it. I enjoy going on the road and hearing fans say ‘you guys suck.’ Really? We aren’t too bad. It is all fun, like I said this is something that when the playoffs start soon we are going to have to buckle down and it will become a new season but right now during this season we are enjoying it.”