Postgame Quotes - March 18, 2013

Pistons vs Nets

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Greg Monroe
Brooklyn: Terry Stotts | Brook Lopez | Reggie Evans

Pistons Head Coach Lawrence Frank

(On first half and game): “First half we gave up 59 points. Thirty-nine of them were either post-ups or individual isolations; basically my thumb is better than your thumb. Deron Williams, obviously, was very, very good. They had 11 points in transition in the first half, so between post-ups, isolations and transition that accounted for their offense. Their bench comes in and scores 20 points in the first half. We’ve got to fight a whole lot harder. They have some very, very good individual players, so you have to take the individual challenge. Off the ball, you must be tied together. First half offensively, we had pretty good shots, had a couple turnovers, but we had pretty good shots. Third quarter, you see the way they started the third quarter. We’re down 14, haven’t played horrible defense, but you’re a couple stops away from getting it to a single-digit game. Well it went the complete opposite way. We gave up a 31-point quarter. Anything they wanted, they got. You give up basically 120 points on your home court, you go down 43 points. This is our fifth game like that since the break. As a group we stunk, we were bad; got to give Brooklyn credit, but it was just disheartening to watch. We’re all part of it. The only way we’re going to get this together is to just fight harder. To take it like we did tonight is very disappointing.”

Pistons Center Greg Monroe

(On being the bright spot for the Pistons): "Personally, I don't think there's a bright spot in a game like this. As a team we need to compete. I understand I may have had an oaky game, but at the end of the day, it was another loss. We definitely could've played better."

(On difference from other games against the Nets): "Obviously, defensively we need to be better. They made some tough shots, but there were still some things we could've controlled as a team to stop what they were doing. We definitely need to step up defensively, and we need to make some shots as a team, too, and force the issue of being aggressive on offense."

(On having fight left): "Yes. I don't think anyone is here to quit."

Nets Head Coach P.J. Carlesimo

(On game): "I thought we played very well. Defensively I did not think we were good in the first half. Third quarter I thought our defense was very good. I thought they were very focused. It is hard to be critical of anything. We did a poor job of closing out the first half. That was the one kind of big mistake."

(On bench): "The second team played very well. They blocked shots, they drew charges. A lot of the things we did not do well last night, we did well tonight and it is really encouraging to see us respond again."

(On Deron Williams): "He is playing at such a level right now and your point guard always sets the tone. I did not look at the stats to be honest with you, but he is moving the ball, he is shooting the ball so well, he is playing with confidence, and again he defends and sets good screens. There are a lot of things he does that people do not appreciate or do not understand."

Nets Center Brook Lopez

(On win): "It was great. We wanted to come out and really control the game for the entire game. We had it all four quarters and we wanted to start our road trip off right."

(On bench): "It was fantastic. There were no let downs and I think we stayed the same level, if not increased the level, of our play throughout the entire game."

(On Jerry Stackhouse): "Stack’s (Jerry Stackhouse) always ready to go. I have learned to kind of expect that out of him and I know whoever is guarding him in the post is in trouble."

(On bounce back win after losing): "It was great. Like I said, it was great that we controlled the entire game. I think we came in with a purpose to get last night out of our minds."

Nets Forward Reggie Evans

(On getting a good start) "We got a great start. We did not finish strong going to the half and we kind of had a great start in the third quarter because P.J (Carlesimo) kind of got on us real bad. We kind of kept it going the rest of the way to finish out the game.”

(On Deron Williams): " He is the brain of the offense so it is always good when he gets it going. No matter if he is shooting it or no matter passing it or playing defense. It was great that he got it going and he is feeling good right now."