Postgame Quotes - March 13, 2013

Pistons at Warriors

Detroit: Brian Hill | Greg Monroe | Will Bynum

Golden State: Mark Jackson | David Lee | Harrison Barnes

Pistons Assistant Coach Brian Hill

(On the game): “The beginning of the game disappointed me the most because those first six possessions that they scored on we made basically game plan mistakes or just a lack of effort and from that point on I thought we played hard and I thought we played pretty well. We started the third quarter, we missed three layups that went in and came right back out again and they wouldn’t have gotten off to that type of start if those layups go in. Other than the start of the game itself I had no gripe about our effort tonight and we got some outstanding performances from a couple guys; Jason Maxiell and Rodney Stuckey and then Will (Bynum) came in and did a good job on Steph (Stephen) Curry for the latter part of the game.”

(On Jason Maxiell and Rodney Stuckey): “Well Max (Maxiell) is the ultimate competitor and you just love the energy and the toughness that he brings night in and night out. And when Rodney is engaged and in an attacking mode like he was tonight, he’s a tough guy to cover. I hope we can get the same thing from both those guys in Portland and a couple other guys chip in.”

(On the Warriors' backcourt): "Well Steph Curry, you’re talking about a guy that’s developed himself into one of the best point guards in the league right now. He can shoot the ball from basically anywhere on the floor. I was disappointed in giving Jarrett Jack as many opportunities as we gave him tonight and a lot of them were simple mistakes. But it’s a very good backcourt that they have, a three guard rotation with Curry, (Klay) Thompson, and Jack.”

Pistons Center Greg Monroe

(On his play): "I think personally, I have to do a better job. Shooting 4-for-16 can’t happen for me. It’s not like I’m shooting a lot of jump shots or chucking up threes. I have to do a better job than that. When guys are playing hard and giving it all they got, then I’ve got to be able to finish. Those guys definitely played well tonight. [Rodney] Stuckey was aggressive from the beginning of the game. Jonas [Jerebko] was aggressive when he came in and Jason [Maxiell] was on the boards playing hard like he always does. It was definitely a tough loss.”

(On shooting poorly): "If we missed 27 shots in the paint, then half of those misses were on me. Like I said, that’s unacceptable on my part. We were getting good looks tonight, but they just weren’t falling. We just have to make shots. When it comes down to that it’s really tough because it’s not a case where we have guys taking bad shots. We got good shots at the rim. I’ve just got to make my shots.”

Pistons Guard Will Bynum

(On tonight's shooting struggles): "We had a lot of shots go in and out tonight. Defensively, we have to be a lot better. Offensively, you’re going to make shots and you’re going to miss shots, but defensively we have to be more consistent. I thought in the second half we were better and played with the right energy. If we’re able to keep building off of that, then we’ll be fine.”

(On playing with a limited lineup): "It’s an adjustment period for us. The reads are different for us because teams now know that they can pack it in against us. The options are a bit limited for us. Players have to be able to create for us a little bit more. It’s just an adjustment we have to make.”

Warriors Head Coach Mark Jackson

(On tonight's game): "Very pleased. I thought we made a statement early. There are nights this season where our bench has really carried us, but tonight when we went to the bench we dropped a little bit and allowed them back in the game. Detroit shot a very high percentage from the end of the first into the second quarter – that hurt us. Overall, very pleased with the way we got after it, the way we defended, the way we competed and executed on the offensive end. Unselfish basketball.”

(On Harrison Barnes): "He was aggressive. The guys he’s on the floor with – he’s going to get those type of looks because he was cutting. I that he made decisions early and was aggressive. I wish he could play against a Duke guy every night. He was very good and he was in attack mode.”

(On Harrison Barnes taking advantage of double team on David Lee): "That’s part of our offense. I just thought Harrison (Barnes) did a very good job of reading it tonight and slashing to the hoop. Those opportunities are going to be there. The game is much easier when he has that mentality. He’ll have openings because of the weapons on the floor with him.”

(On bringing in Andrew Bogut in the fourth quarter): "The score dictated that. There is nothing like having guys that have been around that understand what it takes to win and read different actions. His experience makes a difference. Festus (Ezeli) was great again tonight, but he’s a guy that’s learning. I thought it was important to put them away when we could, so we went back to pretty much the starters plus (Jarrett) Jack.”

(On turnovers late in the third quarter): "I was upset because I understand what it takes to win in this league. It’s not easy, no matter whom you are facing. I wanted to put them away when we could and not give them life. I thought by turning the ball over and giving them second chance opportunities we were hurting ourselves.”

(On the Pistons): "They are a team with weapons. They have proven guys. We knew it would be a battle. Like I said, we are not Miami and we are not OKC – it will be a grind and we will have to gut out victories and play 48 minutes. Those aren’t just sayings, that’s who we are. At the end of the day, if we play our brand of basketball and defend at the level that we are capable of, we will be just fine. We are well aware that this will be a grind and at 50-50 we did some things very well and had to clean up some things. The mentality was let’s start the third quarter being who we truly are.”

Warriors Forward David Lee

(On the whole team contributing): "At this point we’re taking it game by game, and I thought our starters started the game off well, but then we had a bit of a dip in the first half but played well in the second half. Jarrett Jack stepped up big for us tonight, as did Stephen (Curry) and a bunch of the guys contributed. It was a big win for us with teams around us losing and we need to keep it up.”

(On the effectiveness of the offense): "No question. We were just trying to do what we did last game and that’s move the ball. When we move the ball like that offensively we’re unselfish, we’re a very tight group and the rest is defense. We didn’t control the boards as well as we wanted to last night but that’s something we can improve next game.”

(On Curry and Lee setting the tone offensively): "Well the most important thing is that we remain efficient. We both shot a good percentage tonight. It’s not about going out there and jacking up shots, it’s about getting in rhythm and the flow of the offense. We both shot a good percentage and that was huge.”

Warriors Forward Harrison Barnes

(On the Pistons): "They didn’t give up, they kept playing as hard as they could. We executed down the stretch, I think that’s what allowed us to come out on top.”

(On getting involved offensively): "Well Coach (Jackson) has always told me from day one just be aggressive. We have great scorers on this team. I’ve got to find my place, find my niche wherever I can.”

(On second-half adjustements): "Just take care of the ball. When you have the ball don’t have as many turnovers and just try to keep those guys off the offensive boards.”

(On getting backdoor cuts for dunks): "I try to be as accurate as I can. Bogut and (David) Lee are such great passers that when we get those backdoor cuts I just try to be accurate.”

(On what it would mean to stop Chicago on Friday): "That’d be big. We haven’t played at great at home, we’ve played alright, so hopefully on Friday we can put a whole game together.”