Postgame Quotes - March 10, 2013

Pistons at Clippers

Detroit: Brian Hill | Greg Monroe | Jose Calderon
Los Angeles Clippers: Vinny Del Negro | Blake Griffin | DeAndre Jordan

Pistons Assistant Coach Brian Hill

(Overall thoughts on tonight’s game): “Turnovers were just a small part of it. It was an embarrassment for us as a coaching staff, and certainly an embarrassment for them as players. I think we weren‟t invested in the game defensively. Right from the start of the game, we had way too many breakdowns defensively and allowed them to get a lot of easy baskets. Offensively, all of the turnovers led to even more easy baskets for them. So, I‟m extremely disappointed in our performance.”

(On Pistons’ defensive struggles): “I don't think it was one or two individuals, I just thought that collectively, as a team, we didn‟t have the same effort defensively. We didn't have the same focus, game plan wise. We just didn‟t take pride in individual defense. As I said, it was very disappointing to watch.”

Pistons Center Greg Monroe

(Pistons lack of effort): “Maybe guys don't care, I don' know. Something has to change, this can‟t continue. If you don't want to play, just say it. This has got to stop, this is unacceptable.”

(Team’s struggles): “If you don't want to play, you should say something. This is unacceptable. This is going on too long. If you don‟t want to be on the court, if you're not going to give 100% on the court, just don't play.”

“This has nothing to do with Coach Hill. I understand his gesture and him trying to maybe man up [and take blame]; it had nothing to do with him. He prepared the same way we prepare for every game. We had enough information. We knew what they were going to do. There was no effort from us. This had nothing to do with coaching. Brian Hill had nothing to do with this today.”

Pistons Guard Jose Calderon

(Overall thoughts on tonight’s game): “It was a little bit of everything. I think if somebody‟s not really disappointed or embarrassed, there is something going on. I think we should be able to play better, it doesn‟t matter what our position is in the standings or if we‟re playing a good or bad team. We‟ve just got to play basketball, have fun out there and just play. We've got to be ready, because these are the kind of teams we are playing on this road trip, so everybody is playing for something. These guys are playing to be the best ones in the West. We go to Utah and they're playing to be the eighth [playoff] spot. I know we are maybe in a different situation, but it's about playing and going out there to compete. It doesn't matter who you play; it's fun when you're with a team that plays for something.”

Clippers Head Coach Vinny Del Negro

(Overall thoughts on tonight’s game): “We had better ball movement tonight, obviously with 37 assists on 50 baskets. Overall we shot it well. I thought our focus and our intensity from the jump was much better in a lot of areas. It made us a lot crisper. We fouled them a little too much, got them to the line. But I liked some of the hard fouls we had, make them earn it at the line. We were active with 13 steals, kept our turnovers down until that fourth quarter when it got a little bit out of hand. But overall, we did what we wanted to do and we had some solid performances.”

(On play of Blake Griffin): “Blake [Griffin] got in early foul trouble, but I thought he came back, was aggressive, had a huge impact on the game as I would expect.”

(On Caron Butler leaving the game with a left elbow contusion): “Caron [Butler] is going to have an MRI tomorrow. He‟s in some pain right now, so hopefully we‟ll get some good news tomorrow. He had an x-ray. Nothing in the x-ray showed up. But I just talked to him and he‟s not feeling really good right now with his elbow. So we‟ll have to see where he‟s at tomorrow.” CLIPPERS HEAD COACH VINNY DEL NEGRO (On Team effort): “I thought Maalik [Wayns] came in, gave us some good minutes and played hard. Chris [Paul] took control. It was good to see Chauncey [Billups] out there for some more extended minutes, get him in some rhythm along with Grant [Hill]. Having Jamal [Crawford] and Bled [Eric Bledsoe] out, affected us depth-wise, but I thought the guys handled it the way we needed to and took control of the game there in the second half when we had to.”

(Facing off against Memphis on Wednesday): “We'll practice tomorrow, we'll practice Tuesday and get ready for Wednesday. We'll just take it a day at a time and get some good work in. Wednesday obviously is another big game for us. They're all big right now no matter who you‟re playing. Some probably have a little bit more significance than others, but we know what's at stake and we've got to prepare the right way and be ready.”

Clippers Forward Blake Griffin

(On overall thoughts on tonight’s win): “It was a good win. Besides the margin, it was the way we played from the beginning. It's something we've talked about the past couple of days in practice is to turn up the intensity and getting back to playing aggressively, especially defensively.”

(On DeAndre Jordan’s dunk): “That was the best dunk of the year. That was the best dunk I‟ve seen in person…It was a great read, a great play, a great pass and an even better finish.”

(On team mentality): “Like we said, we wanted to have the kind of game where we were playing aggressively and playing the way we wanted to play. And I thought we did that for pretty much four quarters tonight and that's what led to all the stats and guys getting rest and all that.”

(On looking ahead towards Memphis): “It's important to be playing well, especially going against a team like that. We've got to build on it from here and be even better Wednesday night.”

Clippers Center DeAndre Jordan

(On dunk on Brandon Knight): “The whole time that I was rolling to the basket, I heard Blake [Griffin]. It was like a whisper in my ear. He told me to turn up. I mean, it was just a good play. Chris [Paul] just told me to keep running to the basket. He threw it up and it was really just a great pass. I have not seen it yet, but from the oohs and ahhs from the crowd, I'm guessing that it was really good. That was the fastest I think I've ever seen Caron Butler move so I guess it was ok. I guess I would rank that one number one. I mean Ronny [Turiaf] was dancing back there so I guess he liked it.”

(On team’s high scoring game): “I guess this was a little motivation for us, especially coming off a loss in Denver, but we can‟t celebrate too much. We have a big game coming up this week against Memphis and that is going to be a tough one. We are going to have to get ready.”

(On the remainder of the regular season): “First let‟s just play it out. We have some pretty big games coming up. We just need to build on that momentum going into the playoffs and get everybody back and healthy so we can gel and get this thing rolling.”

(On Lob Pass from Chris Paul): “I mean it was a great play and pass from Chris [Paul]. Obviously I didn‟t see Brandon [Knight] until I caught the ball. After that it was just a wrap. Usually when I get that dunk nobody is right there, but this is the first time that somebody has tried to block it. These kinds of plays give us motivation and a little push. It gets the crowd into it; it gets my teammates into it and gets us riled up because we want to see more plays like that. It gives us motivation to go down and get another stop and get more plays like that.”