Postgame Quotes - January 7, 2014

Pistons at Knicks

Detroit: Maurice Cheeks | Josh Smith | Charlie Villanueva
New York: Mike Woodson | Iman Shumpert | Carmelo Anthony

Pistons Head Coach Maurice Cheeks

On tonight’s game: “We had a good effort. We were able to fight back. We didn’t make shots at the end. We played hard tonight.”

More on tonight’s game: “I thought we had a good defensive effort but a couple of times we got beat on the perimeter. That is something we are working on.”

On Carmelo Anthony: “He made some threes off broken plays. I thought Josh (Smith) did a nice job of making him work. He did get that big rebound off the miss free-throw.”

Pistons Forward Josh Smith

On tonight’s game: “We are getting there but this was definitely a disappointing loss.”

On his last shot: “I am still beating myself up because I could have been more aggressive and put it on the referees to make a call. That shot will be with me until the next game.”

On Carmelo Anthony: “He has a green light. 95 percent of the offense runs through him. Anytime you play an offensive savvy player like him you have to make him be a volume shooter and make him work as much as possible and that is what I tried to do.”

Pistons Forward Charlie Villanueva

On playing at the end of the game: “It is Coach’s decision. He is the captain of this ship. I am glad he called me and I made the most of the situation.”

More on playing at the end of the game: “I haven’t played in awhile but it is basketball. I know how to play this game. Coach put me out there to play.”

New York Head Coach Mike Woodson

On winning close games: “Sometimes it becomes contagious. You win a few close games and you remember how you win them. I always said there is a fine line, in close games, between winning and losing.”

On Raymond Felton: “He played 30 minutes. I thought he was very fatigue coming down the stretch but Beno (Udrih) couldn’t go. His knee was bothering him. I didn’t feel comfortable putting Toure’ (Murry) in that position…playing in crunch time. We have to live with this and Raymond will get in game shape and we will go from there.”

On tonight’s game: “We were pretty good defensively throughout the course of the game. We were very slow in that fourth quarter but a win is a win and we will take it. We have to get ready for Miami on Thursday.”

Knicks Guard Iman Shumpert

On tonight’s game: “I think we are playing hard. We are getting points off turnovers. We are going inside-out and making shots. That is Knicks basketball.”

On the team’s play lately: “I think the energy is a lot better. With losing we came together as a team.”

On Raymond Felton returning: “It is huge for us. We wanted to have everyone healthy.”

On the Miami Heat: “We are playing hard. We have faced them a few times the last couple of years. They are a team that plays hard and makes you pay off turnovers. As long as we play hard we will be fine.”

Knicks Forward Carmelo Anthony

On the team’s play lately: “We are starting to have a little more fun out there and trusting each other more. We believe in one another. When it comes down we are all on the same page, we all know what is going on. That has been the case the last couple of games.”

On the end of game situations: “We have to learn from mistakes like that. You have to know the time and score. You have to learn from situations like that and it seems like we have.”

On Raymond Felton returning: “I am happy to have Ray back. The way he runs pick-and-roll. He finds us and trusts us to make shots.”

On tonight’s game: “The game plan was to keep them off the boards. They are one of the top teams rebounding the basketball. I think (Andrea) Bargnani did a good job of fighting them off. Everyone had to help out.”

On Raymond Felton: “He has the ball, he is the point guard. He facilitates. He makes things happen for himself and the bigs on the pick-and-rolls and he is finding us on the perimeter.”