Postgame Quotes - January 29, 2013

Pistons vs Bucks

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Charlie Villanueva
Milwaukee: Jim Boylan | Mike Dunleavy | Brandon Jennings

Pistons Coach Lawrence Frank

(On turning point): "We got off to good start in the game; we were up 15 and could have been up 25. We had some transition opportunities we weren't able to take advantage of, and a poor close to the quarter, and then what happened was the whole personality changed. They picked up their intensity, the offensive rebounds that they got; they got three off of the free throw line. And all of a sudden because they were playing harder than us, we're not getting the calls because the refs are seeing the personality of the game change, and then we were never able to get it back in our favor. So other than one quarter of play, Milwaukee clearly outplayed us tonight."

(On game): "At the end of the day, we have to put more into the game. This is a team that we've beaten twice; you knew that they were going to come back with an edge. You knew a guy like Brandon Jennings, who had struggled in the two (previous) games, was going to come and try to play at a high level. Again, in the first quarter we had a chance to really go up big, and it ends up being a 45-point swing in the game."

Pistons Forward Charlie Villanueva

(On giving up 15-point lead): “It was a strange game. They turned it up and it seemed like we couldn’t get into the flow of things. They made their run and we couldn’t capitalize.”

(On the thought of playoffs affecting play): “I haven’t been talking about playoffs, not even thinking about it, actually. We’ve just been taking it one game at a time. They turned it up and then we just collapsed.”

(On not ‘having it’ tonight): “Absolutely. We came out playing well the first 10 or 11 minutes into the game. After that, it was down hill. There’s not much you can do. We were trying, but it just didn’t want to go our way.”

Bucks Head Coach Jim Boylan

(On Game): "We have had that before where we struggled out of the gate a little bit and the team jumped out on us. It takes us a little while to get our legs together. I thought we were playing decently and we missed some shots and turned the ball over early but we stopped turning the ball over and started moving the ball well and create for each other."

(On Energy): "Our energy in that second quarter with that group that was in the game really kind of set the tone for us and got everybody's blood going a little bit. I think we got 59 points off our bench, which is tremendous and then Brandon's (Jennings) play in the third quarter. What do you say about that other than ‘wow.’"

(On Jennings): "To come out firing like that it takes the life out of the opposing team when you have a guy who gets hot like that. He (Brandon Jennings) has been doing that quite a bit lately. It has been something that really helped us."

Bucks Forward Mike Dunleavy

(On Offense): "We started off slow, which we did not want to do, but then we kind of settled in the second quarter. We got some good effort off our bench. It kind of turned the tide on them, but hitting the offensive glass ourselves and in the second half we came out and our starters did a great job and just made a bunch of shots."

(On battling all season with the Pistons): "I guess they say you are only as good as your record, but this team seems to be better than their record indicates. They started off a little slow, but they are a tough team to handle. They defend well. Obviously they are tough down in the paint, so we knew we had our work cut out for us."

Bucks Guard Brandon Jennings

(On Game) "I think our team was just aggressive in the third quarter. Overall it was a great team effort. Ekpe (Udoh) played big for us. Dalembert (Samuel) came in there and gave us all that he could give us and guys really stepped it up tonight."

(On Pistons Bigs): "I think that was our biggest thing coming in was trying to stop their big guys on the offensive glass."

(On Ekpe Udoh): "His energy was unbelievable tonight so we are going to need that same intensity of course playing a team like Chicago."