Postgame Quotes - January 28, 2014

Pistons vs Magic

Detroit: Maurice Cheeks | Andre Drummond | Will Bynum
Magic: Jacque Vaughn | Arron Afflalo

Pistons Head Coach Maurice Cheeks

(On getting a win): “We just had to get a win. I kept telling our guys, we were close. We had a few games that we should have won and we were close in those games. But we just had to finish the games. Tonight we pretty much played a full game. It didn’t matter who we played. We just had to try and get a win.”

(On Andre Drummond tonight): “I told him at shootaround he’s human. He can have a bad game here and there. He’s human. He’s not a machine. He’s entitled to have a bad game. It’s important to see how you bounce back and I thought he had a nice bounce-back game.”

Pistons Center Andre Drummond

(On falling): “I was just shaken up; it wasn’t as bad when I got back up again. I was fine.”

(On sporadic home wins): “Any win feels good. Two, one, by 30, it doesn’t matter. The win feels great.”

(On winning): “To get a win tonight was definitely a good step in the right direction. It put us in a better mood because we’ve been down about all the losing and we know we can stand positive and show tonight that we’re going to continue to fight.”

Pistons Guard Will Bynum

(On winning) “We needed it a lot, we’re losing, a lot of bad things roaming in the air, a lot of negative energy, so we’re just happy to get a win.”

(On how they won): “Defensively, we attacked, we got a hit first. We shared the basketball in the offensive end. When they went on a run, we answered right back, we stayed positive and kept responding.”

Magic Head Coach Jacque Vaughn

(On game): "The great thing about this game is that you know it is coming. There were warnings the way their team plays whether we saw it on film or talked about it. Now we just have to get in the position of stopping them."

(On message to team after game): "We just have to be ready to compete tomorrow or else there is another physical team in the Raptors who will present problems for us."

(On playing physical): "Sometimes it boils down to ‘old one-on-one, school ground’ and box you out, and not worry about the rebound and we did that for a few possessions in the second half and we saw good things that came from it."

Magic Guard Arron Afflalo

(On Pistons): "This is a big team. (Andre) Drummond, (Greg) Monroe, Josh (Smith), Kyle (Singler) off the bench; those guys attack the glass really well."

(On team offense): "It's just an unfortunate circumstance of being a young team. It takes some extreme discipline and extreme fortitude to stay defensive minded when your offense is kind of absent. I think those things just come through winning and come through growth. Clearly we have some improvement to do mentally from that standpoint."

(On team defense): "I thought our initial defense was solid, but not great. We have to do a better job with transition defense. A big part of tonight was offensive rebounding by the Pistons."