Postgame Quotes - January 25, 2013

Pistons at Heat

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Tayshaun Prince | Greg Monroe
Heat Erik Spoelstra | LeBron James | Dwyane Wade

Pistons Coach Lawrence Frank

(On the game:) “For the better part of the game we (Detroit Pistons) shot fifty percent from the field. There are just too many focus errors that we have to be better with. 67 of their (Miami HEAT) 110 points were in the paint, if you include free-throws, and that is unacceptable. Last time we played them, we had 24 assists. Tonight we had 11 and 19 turn-overs. Give the Miami HEAT credit. They turned up the pressure and got right up into our air space and we did not handle it very well. There are just certain things from a preparation standpoint that we have to take more pride in and we did not do those things tonight.”

“When they score 60 (points) in the first half, it is going to be hard for us (Detroit Pistons) to maintain that type of shooting. We just gave up so many easy baskets and too many opportunities in the paint. Never once do I feel that we made them (Miami HEAT) feel uncomfortable tonight. When you can think about the number of good possessions your team had, that is not a good thing. There are certain things that you go into a game to try to get done and we did not.”

“We have to continuously find ways to get better. If we move the ball we will find those opportunities.”

(On Andre Drummond:) “He can guard Dwyane Wade as well as anyone. He still has some things to work on and we will keep doing that.”

(On the Detroit Pistons): “Preparation, focus, and giving maximum effort are things that we need to do coming into a game. I know we can play a whole lot harder and fight a lot more. When you play against an outstanding team (Miami HEAT) you do not have great margin for error.”

Pistons Forward Tayshaun Prince

(On the game): “In the last couple of games here they put a lot of pressure on us at different points in the game. They were successful on their terms as far as turnovers. The game is over when you let them get the crowd into the game with the dunks and stuff like that. It’s hard to overcome if you’re going to commit the turnovers. It was a bad second quarter and we couldn’t get over the hump after that.”

(On making the HEAT feel uncomfortable): “The first half we made them feel uncomfortable as far as our offense. We were doing good things. They got what they wanted. We just couldn’t handle them early and they just made plays. Our offense was very good in the first half, but obviously this game came down to making stops.”

Pistons Center Greg Monroe

(On helping the HEAT with turnovers): “As a team we need to do a better job of taking care of the ball. I think we shot around 58 percent and lost the game by [22]. That’s definitely turnovers. When we had the ball we were able to get stuff done. Turnovers killed us tonight.”

(On the HEAT defense): “They did everything tonight. That’s what they take pride in, switching a lot of stuff, rotations. They took away some things that we were successful in last game.”

(On his performance): “I always try to play with confidence. Today I just got into a good rhythm.”

(On the team’s performance): “The turnovers killed us. We shot well from the field. They got a lot of points off of [turnovers]. They got a lot of points in the paint also. That was a big thing too. I think half of their points were in the paint.”

Heat Head Coach Erik Spoelstra

(On the game): “That was two games in seven plus days, but overall it was a productive week for us. You can see some of the things we worked on. There was marked improvement in those areas. It was a little bit of an unusual, awkward week but our guys came in with the right attitude to get a lot of work done in the practice time, got some rest and got better as these two games went on. It was a good professional win. Now they have to get ready for another nine day trip, four games, and hopefully we can build on the way the last road trip finished.”

(On the upcoming road trip): “The start of the last trip didn’t necessarily go the way we wanted it to, but . . . our guys felt that we got better as it went on. We dealt with the adversity. We dealt with the emotions of the road. We came together and finished the way we wanted to. So now, to get an opportunity to come right back to it, a nine day trip, let’s get started.”

(On the coach’s view on Dwyane Wade’s play): “Active. He had a very productive week as well. He’s really been working behind the scenes. He has been.”

“He knows as you become more of a veteran and older in this league, the harder you have to work to maintain your youth, and he’s recapturing his youth right now. It’s great to see him get younger, fresher and livelier as the season goes on.”

(On Ray Allen’s return to the Boston Garden on Sunday): “He has a history of a title there, and I think everybody in that city, when they can be objective and step away from it, they really appreciate Ray and everything he was able to accomplish with that group. It was a special run that group had together.”
(On the half court shot made by the fan): “I just heard the eruption and I turned and saw LeBron absolutely tackle him. I had no idea what was going on. I figured he hit it, but the tackle blew it away. I think the fan, while he’ll love the [75 ‘K’], who wouldn’t, but I think having that on video, LeBron James tackling you at half court in front of 20,000 [people], I think that will be the longer lasting memory.”

Heat Forward LeBron James

(On the half court shot): “I made sure he was all good when he got up.”

“I knew where I was but I was excited. That was awesome man. That was awesome. You heard the noise from the crowd and when he wound up with that I was thinking, ‘Oh no, there is no way’ and then when I saw the ball in the air I was like ‘that has a chance’ and when it dropped I was like ‘wow that was awesome.’”

“I am happy for Mike (the half court shot winner) and for a great cause, The Boys And Girls Club of America, The LeBron James Family Foundation, CarMax and everyone involved. It was big time, it was a big moment.”

(On the Miami HEAT): “I think we are getting healthy. Everyone is feeling good at this point. You can see the spring in D-Wade’s (Dwyane Wade) legs and I feel pretty good all the time for the most part. Everyone is feeling good. We have a great rotation right now and we are playing great basketball.”

Heat Guard Dwyane Wade

(On himself): “I am not that old. I am getting healthier. Yeah, I have been more active and I feel in a lot better shape than I was in earlier on in the year.”

“I am just trying to stay with it as I have been all year. I have been through surgery before so I know it takes time and when I start feeling better you can’t stop doing what you’re doing and it feels great, I don’t want to stop what I am doing.”

(On the half court shot): “It was unbelievable, he had a hook shot. It was crazy. The place erupted, it was like it was when we won The Finals. I was listening to the play coach was drawing up and I hear screaming going on. It is great for LeBron (James) and his foundation.”

“Yeah (we fed off the energy from the crowd) it was a great moment. I don’t think I experienced this since I have been here. It was a great moment. That is a tough shot for anybody to make even as professionals and we try them all the time. For him to step up there, not stretch, or not get loose and just throw up a hook shot and it goes all net, you kind of get jealous a little bit.”

“I think it was an out-of-body experience (for LeBron James tackling the fan). When guys get half court shots you would love to see for them to hit it but you don’t see it that often. I am sure a tackle from LeBron will rank up there as one of his best moments.”
(On playing in Boston): “We just want to play well for him (Ray Allen). Anytime our brothers go back to a place that they played at we want to come in and play well for him. Whether he plays well or not, it is about the team for us. It is our job and hopefully we can do that (win).”