Postgame Quotes - January 22, 2014

Pistons at Bucks

Detroit: Maurice Cheeks | Andre Drummond | Brandon Jennings
Bucks: Larry Drew | Caron Butler

Pistons Head Coach Maurice Cheeks

(On getting too comfortable with the lead…) “Well, I thought there was a couple 50-50 balls that we didn’t get to. I think right toward the end of the third [quarter], Caron Butler hit a three, a deep three. I think that was one of the reasons why they got back into the game because they converted a lot of 50-50 balls. We didn’t get to a lot of rebounds or foul shots and we didn’t get a lot of 50-50 balls.”

(On the opportunity to extend the lead…) “The difference was for them. Luke Ridnour hit a three right in front of me and there was a lot, again, 50-50 balls that they got their hands on that we didn’t get that we could have built the lead up. Caron Butler comes off the bench and gets 30 points. That was a huge plus for them.”

(On keeping focused during the game…) “Well again, I’m going to reiterate. I think the 50-50 balls was a difference in the game and second shots. We had an opportunity to get a rebound off a foul shot and ended up turning around for them, being a big play for them. They got a layup off that. I think there was just a lot 50-50 balls we didn’t come up with.”

Pistons Center Andre Drummond

(On not being able to finish the game with a win…) “It’s tough, you still have to be positive. A few bad decisions we made on both ends of the floor. For me, I know we gave up a lot of offensive rebounds so I slap myself on the wrist for that one but, you know I have to get back. We have to get better as a team and look forward as we move on. Take the loss and learn from it.”

(On what can be taken away from tonight’s loss…) “We have to get a step on the rebounding side of the game. They got a lot of defensive rebounds, and a lot of rebounds we should have got slipped away into their hands, so that should be our focal point for next game.”

Pistons Guard Brandon Jennings

(On difference in the fourth quarter…) “They got second-chance shots and we weren’t able to get stops. Caron Butler got hot in the fourth quarter. He just wasn’t missing.”

(On whether or not Milwaukee’s scoring tonight affected Detroit’s offense…) “No, not really. I mean I feel like we got some good looks, we just didn’t count on them. A couple of times I think [Rodney] Stuckey went to the rack and got fouled a little bit, but you know that happens.”

(On Caron Butler’s performance tonight…) “Butler had a good game coming off of the bench for them. He definitely made some big shots and he was definitely carrying the team.”

Bucks Head Coach Larry Drew

(On Caron Butler’s performance…) “He was absolutely phenomenal tonight. He shot the ball extremely well, and did a lot of other things. I think we can look at the stat sheet and see his production offensively, as far as shooting the ball. He also has seven boards and five assists. He played a very solid and complete game on both ends of the floor. He came in and gave us a huge lift as far as making shots. He provided that leadership that we certainly need, given what our situation is.”

(On Miroslav Raduljica’s performance…) “One thing that he knows how to do is use his body. He does labor at times getting up and down the floor, but for a man his size he knows how to throw his body around. Smart players understand what they’re up against and where their advantages and disadvantages are. He understands and knows when he gets into a position as far as being able to use his body. He does a great job in sealing, and is a really good offensive rebounder. He really pursues the basketball and he can rebound out of his area.”

(On the relief that the losing streak is over…) “It’s a great sense of relief. I think at this stage when you go through this type of situation I think you try to enjoy the moment. It’s nice to get off of that losing streak. Let’s enjoy the moment and let’s remember what this feels like tomorrow as we prepare for Cleveland. By no stretch of the imagination is losing fun. It doesn’t leave a good taste in your mouth, you lose sleep at night, it’s not fun. We’re really happy that we were able to get off that streak. I’m extremely proud of our guys, the way they came out and fought with effort. We missed two key guys, O.J. Mayo and Larry Sanders, but yet our guys competed. They competed at a high level.”

Bucks Guard Caron Butler

(On the win…) “We really needed that win. We were excited about tonight, another opportunity to get a win and start something good. I loved our energy the first half of the game. We came here re-emphasizing that we didn’t want to come out flat in the third quarter. That’s been our Achilles heel for majority of the season. I thought we did, but we were able to bounce back from it and get the crowd into the game. They supported us and we rode that momentum.”

(On his energy tonight…) “It was a special night. It was bobblehead night, and obviously I’m well-rested. I’ve been chilling on the sidelines for a while, and I was excited to get back out there and just play. My coaching staff and my teammates believed in me, got me open and got me into a rhythm.”

(On the bench performance…) “They played unbelievable. I think it’s just playing so much over the last couple games. We’re at the halfway point and these guys have been playing a lot of minutes that usually you don’t get. They’re learning to finish games, they’re learning to box out in crucial situations. They’re learning the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of the game on the fly, and I think it’s all coming together slowly but surely. It showed tonight.”