Postgame Quotes - January 12, 2013

Pistons vs Jazz

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Jason Maxiell
Utah: Tyrone Corbin | Al Jefferson | Randy Foye

Pistons Coach Lawrence Frank

(On momentum change): “I think the game really started to swing in the second quarter. From the second quarter on, we weren’t very good defensively. We allowed them to shoot 59% if you go from the second quarter on. Obviously, that third quarter was role-reversal from our game last night. Our inability to get stops our inability to defend our paint. They’re 25 (third-quarter points), I think 17 or 19 were points in the paint. Then, I thought we started to play some frustration basketball offensively. They started getting some confidence because they started to get easy paint scores and the ball movement we had in the first quarter, we lacked. I thought we played some frustration basketball. We attacked in tight spaces that led to their transition. At the end of the day they scored 35 points in the post and 18 points in transition and a lot of that transition started in the second half of that third quarter. At that 5:53 timeout in the fourth, it’s a five-point game and they go on that 9-1 run and by the time we responded to it, we had to be perfect with it. We showed some fight down the stretch, but it was almost opposite of what we went through last night.”

Pistons Forward Jason Maxiell

(On adjusting to the Utah Jazz’s physical defensive play): “Not necessarily. With the second unit out, they got aggressive. Our second unit is more of a drive-and-kick-out to the three-point line, which they did, and they got shots.”

(On being disappointed with a loss after winning the night before): “Of course. It was a good win last night and coming into today we had a good feeling about the game. We had good notice and we have a great vibe right now. It came out to be a tough loss tonight.”

(On the Utah Jazz turning it up in the second half): “We turned it up a little bit at the same time, we just weren’t knocking down shots…some open shots that we did have we didn’t knock down, and they had some easy layups and some easy dunks down low in the fourth (quarter) as well. When it came down to it, it was still a close game.”

Jazz Head Coach Tyrone Corbin

(On Game): "It is what we talked about before. This team has shown a lot of resilience all year. It is a proud group and when we do not play our best basketball we want to come back the next night. Although we did not start out playing the best basketball, I thought our effort was hard. We made some mistakes but that second half, especially that third quarter, our defense went up to another level and, as a result, we were able to get our hands on some balls and make some shots after that."

(On what win means to team): "It was a huge victory for us. After last night we talked about coming out and having a great road trip. We got the first one and we let the second one go but to comeback tonight and get this victory being down on the road is a great indication of who we are."

(On Al Jefferson): "His veteran leadership and how he is growing and embracing the position and the respect on this team. The guys feed off of him so he did a great job especially in that third quarter just being a big guy inside and we were able to get the ball to him and they try and deny him early in the game but he continued to work and we were able to get it back around to him.”

Jazz Center Al Jefferson

"Especially the way last night went, it was definitely a win that we had to come and get to finish the road trip off right. But it's still kind of a little bitter taste in your mouth, because we're suppose to be 3-0 on this trip. We were supposed to win this game last night, then we almost gave the game up tonight. But at this point in time, a win is a win and we're going to take it any way we can get it."

(On pounding the ball inside): "I told Paul (Millsap), 'it starts with us'. We lead, and everybody else is going to follow. And that's what we did. Basically that's what I said to myself, I said I have to take the game over. It starts with me and Paul (Millsap), and I think once me and him set that tone, everybody else fell in line. But number one is the defense, we played great defense. We talked to each other, we helped each other, and all of a sudden their shots weren't coming so easily."

Jazz Guard Randy Foye

(On halftime adjustments): "Coach just was real positive. He just was saying to keep working, keep running the offense, and the biggest thing, playing defense and playing together. It was kind of reversed, how we played last night in Atlanta; came out in the second half and they jumped on us. It was kind of reversed. But our main focus was just to stay together, keep working and playing Utah Jazz basketball.