Postgame Quotes - January 1, 2013

Pistons vs Kings

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Daye | Brandon Knight
Sacramento: Keith Smart | Jimmer Fredette

Pistons Coach Lawrence Frank

(On final possessions): “Well, look, I think the thing is we were our own worst enemy. We went real stale offensively. I think we were one-for-nine while they were nine for nine. (Jimmer) Fredette, obviously, was very, very good for them in that fourth quarter. The combination of taking some bad shots, turnovers, some free throws that we missed; unable to convert. Austin (Daye) obviously sealed it, making that three, but to win it, there were a couple huge hustle plays that had to be made. So Max (Jason Maxiell) on the free-throw line gets an offensive rebound which led to another point. Max gets on the floor and a loose ball, another possession. Obviously, you count our field goals; Will (Bynum) hits the three, Tay (Tayshaun Prince) hits the runner across the lane, Greg [Monroe] had a field goal and then A.D. (Austin Daye) hit basically the game-clutcher. We had to sustain our defensive intensity, which we weren’t able to do, and I think we allowed some of the questionable shots we took and just some of the possessions we had to impact us on the other end. And look, they’re a team that just keeps coming at you; they have a lot of different weapons. You know, we’re lucky that we’re fortunate to win the game.”

Pistons Forward Austin Daye

(On what went through his mind during last shot) “Don’t pass it; shoot it. Whenever I get the ball with time left on the clock I try to take a good shot. The ball dropped down in a good spot, and I knew it was pretty much in when it left my hands.”

(On confidence level) “I’ve been doing a good job staying with my routine and (assistant coach) Charles Klask after practice and things like that, just staying focused.”

(On being less concerned with taking more shots) “I don’t know if that’s really the case. I just know that when I shoot the ball I feel there is a good chance it will go in, so I let it fly.”

Pistons Guard Brandon Knight

(On another home win): “Anytime you win you feel good. It masks a lot of things you do wrong when you win. Definitely excited about it and I think we’re turning the corner. We just want to continue to build, continue to improve and continue to use this home stretch to our advantage and play well at home.”

(On playing against DeMarcus Cousins): “DeMarcus (Cousins) is my guy. He is a great player and I enjoy playing against him, you know going to the same college. It definitely felt good to get a win.”

(On balanced offense): “Definitely, everybody chipping in and there is a lot of balance. I have to congratulate my teammates for the way we’ve been playing together and how guys have been stepping it up and really doing their part. I think that is what getting us a boost, especially our second unit, so we definitely have to congratulate those guys.”

Kings Head Coach Keith Smart

(On Game): "Obviously you want a better new year start but nevertheless, getting out here ready to play. We were a little slow. We have been playing at a nice fast pace and we were a little heavy legged but sometimes that happens when you get out here on the first one of a road trip. I thought our bench guys came in searching for a little five minutes of energy anywhere and found the group that got us back in the ball game with a chance."

(On second quarter): "We were real stagnant. We played too tight. We did not have the proper spacing on the floor and that kind of separated the game right there. The group that was on the floor did not have the spacing and shooting that was needed on the floor."

(On playing without Tyreke Evans and Marcus Thornton): "It is going to happen based on where we are because you do not have another shooter or good attack guy that you can put in there. They played well in other cases but tonight was not one of those nights but as I managed through the bench trying to find the guys, we managed to get a group to get us back within one with a defensive possession."

Kings Guard Jimmer Fredette

(On coming from behind): "We came back, played hard getting back into the game, and Austin Daye made a huge shot at the end against good defense. But I thought we did a good job of coming back into the game and making it manageable, and having a chance to win the game. Ultimately came short, so it hurts, but we'll move onto tomorrow."

(On Pistons' bench): "They came out strong in that second and made some shots. (They) Were hitting their threes and playing good D getting stops against us, and we weren't getting any stops. That happens during a NBA game, they're going to go on runs, but we did a good job stopping it and getting back into the game, so that's a big part."