Postgame Quotes - February 6, 2013

Pistons vs Nets
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Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Jason Maxiell | Greg Monroe

Brooklyn: P.J. Carlesimo | Brook Lopez | Joe Johnson

Pistons Coach Lawrence Frank

(On finish): “That’s what those guys are paid to do; they’re closers. Probably none bigger than Brook (Lopez). Those guys make big shots. Some of which, if it’s within the confines of what you’re trying to force them to do, that’s fine. If it’s other things, like I said, where you’re missing certain defensive situations that are part of your principles, then that’s a little bit of a problem. In a low-scoring game, all of those possessions add up. Really, we’re looking for different offensive sources, and we couldn’t find it, and you’re just searching. We had some guys that missed some open and makeable shots, but that’s why you just have to grind that much more. It’s a shame because you look at them, there’s no sour grapes, but twice we’ve played Brooklyn, and both times they took the game from us. We had an opportunity to win both games, but we couldn’t close the deal.”

(On Calderon’s integration): “We’re talking about a guy that’s been in the league for eight years. It’s just going to be a matter of feel; his and also the other four guys playing with him and understanding what his strengths are. We’re going to go through ripple effect. When you make a change, it doesn’t just affect the guy coming in, it affects everyone else too. There’s going to be a ripple effect, and that’s part of it. It’s short-term pain for long-term gain. It’s no excuse for why we lost this game, but we’re going to continue to go through those impacts, because, like I said, we’re going to continue to search and see different ways of how we can be more effective. Our record is what our record is, despite several games that could’ve gone either way; we have to continue to search for answers.”

Pistons Forward Jason Maxiell

(On losing double-digit lead): "It came down to a fourth-quarter game as usual. They went small, so it changed our mindset on our rotation and how we play our game. We should have stuck to our strong set and push the ball."

(On Andre Drummond's absence): "When Andre comes into the game it's all about energy and his ability to block shots, and get a lot of energy out of the point guards. With him down right now it's going to be a struggle, but Slava came in tonight and tried to do that also."

(On Slava): "He'll have his moment. At practice he goes hard, so when he gets put in he has the confidence to play his game."

Nets Head Coach P.J. Carlesimo

(On closing out game): “The execution was really good. I think we only had two turnovers. We only had two turnovers in the fourth quarter and the execution was good. We took advantage of the fact that we were in the bonus early and then down the stretch, I am sure there was a possession we did not, but we either got a good shot or got fouled.”

(On Brook Lopez): “Brook (Lopez) made a real strong move going to the basket. The other move was a strong move too when he got fouled when we ran Gerald’s (Wallace) screen for him and he came off the pick.”

(On difference from last night’s game): “Definitely better, but a couple of possessions last night we got good looks. The one we turned it over, the in-bounds pass, two of the possessions we got good shots, and did not put the ball in. You have seen Brook make that same move and not finish and kind of flare his arms. ”

Nets Center Brook Lopez

(On final minutes): “It was drawn up. I did not really ask for anything that is what the call was. It was kind of the polar opposite tonight. We were pretty much behind the whole game. We kept fighting back and they kept making their run. Guys stuck with it and like I said vice versa tonight we were great in the last three to five minutes.”

(On confidence): “I definitely think that it was convenient timing, this game right after that game.”

(On last possession): “I was just in the mindset that I want this one and more importantly make the right play. If there was another guy coming out to double then get it out to the open guy but it stayed single coverage. So, you want to be aggressive and be strong.”

Nets Guard Joe Johnson

(On game): “I definitely give all the credit to our bench. Those guys came in pretty much brought us back, held the lead, and as you could see me, Deron (Williams), and (Marshon) Brooks were on the bench for about five minutes which was straight for me. I love to see those guys come in with energy and be able take the lead. They started it and we finished it.”

(On bench): “It keeps them off balance. It keeps the other team from sitting on what we are trying to do as a team. We come at you and so many different ways and it definitely hurts the opposing team. We have to keep guys in good spirits and keep playing hard trying to get better everyday.”

(On Brook Lopez): “Deron (Williams) told him before we came to him that he wants him to go up strong and if you can dunk it try it. He caught it in the post and made a couple hard dribbles and a strong move to where if he did not make it he probably would have got fouled.