Postgame Quotes - February 3, 2013

Pistons vs Lakers

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Will Bynum
Los Angeles: Mike D'Antoni | Steve Nash | Pau Gasol

Pistons Coach Lawrence Frank

(On what was the different in the game): “The way I look at is the first half of basketball we give up 62 points. You look at the last 27 seconds of the first half, its 57-51 and then you go into the half down 11. Twenty-nine minutes of not really playing the type of basketball we need to play. So, 62 points the first half, we come out the first five minutes of the third quarter, we’re down 18. Then all of a sudden we changed our game. We started moving the ball. We started putting more energy and effort into the game. We hold them in the second half to 36 points. Ten assists on 10 field goals in that third quarter. We put a lot in. The game comes down to we have to be able play more basketball than we did, especially on the defensive end. We were shooting a high percentage, but turnovers were our Achilles heel in the first half. I thought our guys showed great fight and resolve and those guys left it on the floor, but we need to be a more focused, complete team. I was proud of how certain guys bounced back after tough first half’s and came back in the second half, but it’s how we react to our mistakes.”

Pistons Guard Will Bynum

(On tough bounces): "It's tough. I work so hard and I thrive to be in situations like that. To be in there and not deliver is kind of crushing sometimes, especially when my teammates and coaching staff trust me to make the right decisions. It wasn't my night."

(On making the right decision): "I felt like I made the right decision, but to me a loss is a loss no matter how you play. Two points or 50 points, if you lose, everything is for nothing."

(On the lob to Andre Drummond): "It was there. He just didn't get good control of the ball. It was kind of with one hand, and they made a good defensive move at the end."

Lakers Head Coach Mike D'Antoni

(On game): "These are playoff games for us and I think it feels like it and sometimes weird stuff happens in the playoffs. Obviously we have to do a better job of protecting leads and play like we played when we get the leads.”

(On blowing leads): "Our offense is really getting stagnate. We are putting up 60 to 70 points in the first half and then we have a hard time scoring. A lot of that is the hole we dug for ourselves and without Dwight (Howard) we are not getting some stops that we should be getting."

(On Steve Nash missing both free throws): "I have never seen him miss a shot, but it happens. We have to win so now let’s go to the next road stop."

(On team play): "The first half I thought we played excellent. I thought the ball movement and guys were sharp and even defensively we played well."

Lakers Center Pau Gasol

(On losing a big lead): “Well our defense starts to loosen up. They start getting comfortable, getting a shot here, a shot there, we make a couple turnovers and they get a couple easy ones. All of a sudden they gain momentum, and especially on the road it’s a little more difficult. We just have to stay disciplined, stay focused throughout the 48 minutes if we want to be able to win on the road consistently.”

(On Andre Drummond): “(Drummond) combined with (Will) Bynum’s speed, obviously it frees him up pretty good on those high pick and rolls. So we just weren’t active enough on the weak side, and they get a couple threes, so that loosened up the lane for them too. So it’s tough when he gets a head start and gets a free lane to the rim and then throws it up there, it’s tough to get there.”

Lakers Guard Steve Nash

(On late free throws) “I feel terrible, but I’m a grown man. I just keep playing and keep fighting no matter what happens, but I feel bad that it could’ve cost us the game and that I choked two (free throws) up there. A win is a win, but I take a lot of pride in being a fourth quarter player and making shots, particularly free throws, and I take responsibility there and I didn’t come through for the guys tonight. But luckily it didn’t kill us.”