Postgame Quotes - February 24, 2014

Pistons vs. Warriors

Detroit: John Loyer | Kyle Singler
Golden State:Mark Jackson | Stephen Curry | Jermaine O'Neal

Pistons Head Coach John Loyer

(On the finish to the game): “I think they were up one maybe at that time when we scored two down the stretch after that. The game was kind of their pace. Like I told our guys, we took it to the finish line. We just didn’t cross it. You get to the last two or three minutes, that’s what you are trying to get to in the NBA game. We have to get to the point where we can finish them. We didn’t score down the stretch.”

(On the effort): “I thought our effort from the very opening tip was tremendous. I thought we sustained it. They’re such a powerful team. I look up one second, we’re up three. Next minute maybe you’re down nine or down six. They can score so easily and so quickly, even when you play good defense. For our group to keep coming back, keep fighting, go back up one, to hang right there, it’s very encouraging to me. We just have to find a way to finish the game.”

Pistons Guard Kyle Singler

(On Golden State’s strengths and using Detroit’s team strengths): “That’s what Golden State does. They put shooters out on the court and they were able to make shots.”

(On upcoming road games): “I think our next couple road games are going to be tough against San Antonio and Houston. Those are two very good teams so we’re going to have to play well and continue our success on the road like we had in the beginning of the year. It’s going to be tough but we can do it for sure.”

Warriors Head Coach Mark Jackson

(On Bench): "I thought it was great. Guys really responded, especially that first half. Our bench was the key; they got us back in the ball game. They increased the intensity. I thought offensively, they did a great job of making the right play."

(On stopping Pistons in final four minutes): "We are a defensive-minded team. Again, that is the key. I believe they shot 29 percent in the second half. We did a great job of sticking to the game plan, paying attention, and then realizing that we had to close out possessions by rebounding the basketball."

(On Jordan Crawford and Steve Blake): "I know people look and say, well we had to go get Steve Blake. We went to get Steve Blake because of his ability to run a team, compete, and he gives us tremendous depth. Jordan (Crawford) had been playing well since we got him offensively. He has been a guy who has been a willing passer. Even tonight he turned down a wide open shot for a guy who had it going."

Warriors Guard Stephen Curry

(On individual performance): "I tried to press a little in the third quarter. It didn't work out my way, so I tried to stay positive. Other guys were making plays, so it was kind of a team effort to get us out of that lethargic play of the first half. I don't change anything about the way I play. In the fourth, I was able to find good spots and make shots."

(On season): "There's definitely a lot more to be accomplished. Our expectations are high and this is a good checkpoint for us to keep that up. It's nice to know in my five years this is the best it's been, so that's a good feeling, but we want more."

Warriors Forward Jermaine O'Neal

(On facing the Pistons): "I don't care what your record is in this league. This league is filled with a lot of great athletes, a lot of professional guys. Detroit hurts you in a bad way on the boards, they've got some guys who can really dribble penetrate and if you get off the big guy's body, then they tend to make you pay. They created a lot of havoc down low, but we were able to really rebound as a team and keep them to one shot for the most part." (On game): "All in all, I like the way we won it because it's not necessarily going to be flash and fun every night. If we're going to have a chance to really compete for a championship, these are the types of games you're going to have to win in the playoffs. We have a fairly young team and these games like this build the character and the image of the team."