Postgame Quotes - February 22, 2014

Pistons vs. Mavericks

Detroit: John Loyer | Will Bynum
Dallas:Rick Carlisle | Shawn Marion | Vince Carter

Pistons Head Coach John Loyer

(On the effort tonight): “Dallas is a good team. We talked earlier about how do you get better probably defensively and offensively, you play together. Some of those guys on that team played together for quite a while and with our group, we haven’t played together that long. They kind of pick you apart a little bit. They really spread the floor with shooters. I thought our effort was there tonight; it’s a two-point game at the quarter. We didn’t have a very good second quarter and then fought right back, six-point game to start the fourth. You’re right there against a quality team and that’s really all you’re trying to do every single night.”

(On Brandon Jennings and Will Bynum): “It’s part of the job to put in that particular time who you feel is helping your team the most. I got a lot of confidence in all of them. I brought Brandon back. We need Brandon to play well and he’s going to play well. We kind of played through some guys that had it going and that’s what you do on particular nights.”

Pistons Guard Will Bynum

(On the fourth quarter): “We have to keep fighting; the game is not over, a couple shots made. You just have to keep fighting and staying positive and just keep working.”

(On defense): “All we can do is just give the best effort we have individually and collectively as a team and try and help each other out.”

(On team confidence): “I don’t have a quitting bone in my body so I don’t really understand that. I’m definitely going to give my best effort on a nightly basis.”

Mavericks Head Coach Rick Carlisle

(On stopping Josh Smith): "We were paying more attention to him but (Will) Bynum got going too. I think the ball was just going Bynum's direction as much as anything. We tightened it up and got the stops we had to get so it is a great win for us and we have to get ready for the next one."

(On Monta Ellis): "(Monta) Ellis had a great game; fantastic defense and great floor game and timely scoring. He was the key player tonight."

(On answering Detroit's runs): "They are a potent team. They threw a 41-point third quarter at Atlanta last night and were down 10 or 11 at halftime; the same type of situation. I thought they were making a run in the third and we did a pretty good job of not letting them get too much momentum. When you let them get momentum and get in transition they convert quick, they can hit threes, they throw lobs, and then it turns into a circus."

Mavericks Forward Shawn Marion

(On game): “Everybody was helping each other. We were moving the ball and trying to make good things happen on the court.”

(On playing inspired basketball): “We just have to try and help each other. When we’re taking our time doing it, everybody is on the same page and we’re trying to make a conscious effort to give ourselves a chance every game.”

Mavericks Guard Vince Carter

(On individual performance): "I was just trying to do my part. It's the second part of the season, so it's crunch time. That's where you earn your money and I'm just trying to give our bench a lift, and get us in the playoffs where we feel we should be."

(On offense): "It helps when you don't turn the ball over, plain and simple. When we can score we get the job done. We're efficient when we take care of the ball. We were sharing the ball and guys were making shots, and were making plays for each other."