Postgame Quotes - February 13, 2013

Pistons vs Wizards

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Kyle Singler | Will Bynum
Washington: Randy Wittman | Trevor Ariza

Pistons Coach Lawrence Frank

(On fourth quarter group and Viacheslav Kravtsov’s play): “I thought he (Kravtsov) was instrumental. We held them to two points in the first six minutes (of the fourth quarter). Slava, his paint protection, he played good post defense, plus the one time he was guarding (Bradley) Beal off of a step-up pick-and-roll, Beal takes a contested step-back jumper. His size, and even though he only had maybe one rebound, but just his length, his energy, his screens for Will (Bynum), getting Will open on the pick-and-rolls. Will rewarded him on the lob. I just really liked the defensive energy of that group. We had some poor offensive possessions at the start, but we stayed with it on the defensive end. I was really proud of our guys and finally it started opening up for us a little bit. Will, obviously, was very instrumental in it. I thought both our fives were really good tonight. Greg (Monroe) was very good, Slava was very good. I thought we had great production from Will and Jose (Calderon). Everyone kind of chipped in. Kyle (Singler) had valuable minutes, Rodney (Stuckey), Brandon (Knight), Max (Jason Maxiell), everyone. Charlie (Villanueva) bounced back and hit a huge three for us. It was a good team win.”

Pistons Forward Kyle Singler

(On going into All-Star break with a win): "It's good momentum going into the break. You don't want to lose and then have four days to think about it. So, it was nice, we played well, and it's a good feeling in the locker room."

(On fourth-quarter difference): "I think, I don't know if I'm right or not, but they only had two points in the fourth quarter with six, or five, minutes left in the game. So, our defense was good, and towards the end of the game we just made shots. And sometimes that's just how it goes. If we don't make those shots it's a different game."

(On Jose Calderon): "Jose is a solid player for us. He's been a great addition. Just things outside the court; his enthusiasm is great for the team. But his ability to come in and make threes, spread the court, and give us another ball-handler on the court is very valuable to our team, and it's nice to have him out there toward the end of the game."

Pistons Guard Will Bynum

(On gaining back the lead): “It’s making the right reads. We were great in the fourth quarter especially. We played some pretty good defense. Offensively we were patient, which enabled us to make the right reads in order to make shots.”

(On playing with Jose Calderon): “I’m making the right plays as well as looking for Jose and the hot hand. I think it’s just chemistry. It’s the first couple games together, and I’m sure as we continue to play together we’re going to get better and better. I’m loving it and I look forward to continue playing with him.”

(On being surprised to play with Jose Caldron): “I’m not surprised. It’s kind of what the league is doing right now. This is great and we cause match our problems with whatever team. I was never concerned about any competition or anything like that. I invite that, and it’s been here since I’ve been here. I’m going to get out there and get after it everyday and continue to get better and better. It’s all about the team and us getting wins.”

Wizards Head Coach Randy Wittman

(On Game): “Turnovers and they beat us up on the boards. Twenty to our eight second-chance points. In a close game it is going to cost you and then we did not have an answer for (Jose) Calderon or (Will) Bynum in the fourth quarter. They kind of did what they wanted to do.”

(On losing going into All-Star Break): “Disappointing, yeah. I thought that this was a game going into the fourth quarter ahead and these are the games we have been winning down the stretch, so yeah it is a little disappointing. We are still doing a lot of good things leading into this. We have to go into this break, recharge our batteries, and come out on Tuesday and end this thing in one game.”

Wizards Forward Trevor Ariza

(On Pistons): “They penetrated and got into the heart of our defense and made plays.”

(On losing lead): “We did not do what we have been doing these past few games. Today was a result of us not taking care of our business and we let one slip away.”

(On revenging blowout loss against Pistons): “As competitors you always want to get back at somebody who just beat you pretty bad. We let one slip tonight.”

(On first three quarters): To be honest with you, we did a pretty good job, but we still did not do what we normally do or what we have been doing these past five or 10 games. There are some things that we did do well, but at the end of the day we did not get the W. We need to improve on those things that we did not do well.”