Postgame Quotes - February 11, 2013

Pistons vs Hornets

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Greg Monroe

New Orleans: Monty Williams | Al-Farouq Aminu | Robin Lopez

Pistons Coach Lawrence Frank

(On the defense): “Other than the initial spurt, our defense was horrible. You have to give them credit. They played much harder than us, much tougher, more physical; more intense. Monty (Williams) had his guys ready, I didn’t. We didn’t understand how hard this group plays and then what happened is, we had very good intent early. We weren’t making shots, but we had the right intent. Once we didn’t make shots and then with their effort. You look at (Robin) Lopez, what he was able to get done and (Ryan) Anderson what he was able to get done. They scored 46 points in the paint. The amount of missed helps or lack of helps, where guys are driving from the three-point line and getting all the way to the rim with no consequence was very disconcerting. Then we lost our way offensively, had poor spacing, poor shot selection and had some things where we didn’t finish at the rim. We got into the paint, but we didn’t finish, looking at times for calls. Outside of a few select segments in the game, you have to give them all the credit. They really, really out-worked and out-competed us. It’s very, very disappointing.”

Pistons Forward Greg Monroe

(On loss): “Definitely a disappointing loss. They just outplayed us; it’s as simple as that. They out-worked us and they outplayed us. It was a tough one.”

(On lack of energy after good start): “I think it was more them. I have to give them a lot of credit. They came out here and wanted to win the game more than us. We started out great, but after that time out, they kind of took control.”

(On mistakes aiding New Orleans): “I don’t think it was our mistakes, but good reads on their part. We were in our regular rotations for the most part. Even in a perfect game we make mistakes, but I don’t think everything they did was a result of our mistakes. They made good reads and they made the right plays.”

(On 35 percent shooting): “I don’t think our guys were out there taking bad shots. I don’t think that has been the case anytime this season. You make some, you miss some. They did a good job playing defense and we didn’t get as many looks as we did in previous games.”

Hornets Head Coach Monty Williams

(On play after 0-8 deficit at the start): "Not much. Typically I will jump the guys during a session like that. This time I did not feel the need to do that. We have been together for a while now and my tone can set whatever tone we have on the floor. So I thought that moment was not the time for yelling and screaming. It was time to settle down."

(On Robin Lopez): "The way he played in the paint was tremendous. Greg Monroe is a stud and (Jason) Maxiell is so physical. He was helping AD (Anthony Davis) out a lot. Then offensively to be able to dive and finish around the basket. He hit a few jump shots which was something I have been trying to discourage because I think he is so much better around the basket, but his ability to dive got so many guys open shots."

(On Ryan Anderson): "He is not only a shooter, but I think you saw him attacking the basket. His ability to take guys his size to the rim. He had one play in the first half where he pump faked, went to the basket, and dunked the ball. I do not think anybody in the gym thought he was going to dunk that ball. That is something that he works on. It is something that we talked about a number of times that he has more in his game."

Hornets Forward Al-Farouq Aminu

(On collective effort): "I think that's when we're at our best. When we're moving the ball and everybody is able to attack, the defense doesn't really know how to guard us all. We wanted to finish out the road trip well, and I think that's showing growth in our team."

(On finishing road trip with a win): "That's what we envisioned. Last time on the road, we started off well and then we just didn’t finish well. This time we came with more of an assertive effort. There are things you have to do on the road that you don't normally have to do at home. You have to stick together, you have to make sure you share the ball and things like that; you have to do the little things."

Hornets Center Robin Lopez

(On defensive effort): "I think we really made it a priority to make sure that we had each other's backs. We wanted to execute our defensive game plan, and that was part of it, having the help side over early so that we didn't have to double stunt."

(On Ryan Anderson): "Ryan is such an integral part of our team. When we really need a bucket, he just has such a great touch and he's got such great instincts. He's a really smart player and he makes it a lot easier on us."

(On recovering from early deficit): "Obviously one of the things we talked about was being the aggressors from the get-go. But I’m impressed that we were able to come back, gather ourselves, and I think we made an 8-0 run ourselves after that. So I'm very proud of the way that we handled that."

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