Postgame Quotes - February 1, 2014

Pistons vs 76ers

Detroit: Maurice Cheeks | Greg Monroe | Will Bynum
Philadelphi: Brett Brown | Thaddeus Young

Pistons Head Coach Maurice Cheeks

: (On the third quarter): “I thought his (Kentavious Caldwell-Pope) hands were active. I thought we were pretty active on defense that allowed us to get in the open court; ran a couple half-court plays. They suck in, we made some threes. Kentavious made a couple threes and then Kyle (Singler) made a three in the corner. It kind of opened the game up a little bit. I thought we were active defensively.”

(On Kentavious Caldwell-Pope’s shooting tonight): “I always talk to him about those shots; tell him if he’s going to shoot it, shoot to make it and just be confident when taking the shot. A couple times he had some threes that he didn’t take, but he put the ball on the floor and took some open twos and I think that’s even better than shooting a three if you’re not real confident.”

Pistons Forward Greg Monroe

(On winning at home): “Every game is important for us right now, whether it’s at home or on the road. We definitely want to play better at home. We want to use our home court advantage as much as possible, so it is definitely a big win for us.”

(On going on the road after winning): “It’s always good to go on the road with two home wins or more. We have to regroup, and refocus and prepare for them.”

Pistons Guard Will Bynum

(On what has changed with the wins): “Sharing the basketball, defensively we’re getting stops. It’s pretty simple.”

(On maintaining a big lead): “I think we’re still attacking, instead of trying to keep the lead and playing conservatively. I think we were attacking in the fourth quarter until we pretty much got the win.”

(On teammates producing): “I think we’re going to get that kind of effort from all over, sometimes it’s Josh (Smith,) sometimes (Rodney) Stuckey’s having a good game or Brandon (Jennings). We just have to figure out that balance.”

76ers Head Coach Brett Brown

(On Pistons frontcourt): "Look at the numbers. The combination of Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond went 18-for-21. They had 21 and 22 points and they had 26 rebounds."

(On team effort): "It is never at a level where it is acceptable when you have 36 and 32-point periods. I thought how we started the second half was poor. We just were not in the game to start that second half."

(On team morale): "It is hard and I go back to where we started on trying to get these guys better. We want to develop them. We want them to play each play and get opportunities. There is no time to hang your head. You are in the NBA."

76ers Forward Thaddeus Young

(On losing streak): "It's definitely tough when you're losing basketball games, but we can't let that deter us from getting us off the path in what we're trying to do. We have to go out there and compete and remain focused. We have to stay positive and try to take the losses and turn them into wins."

(On Kyle Singler): "He was huge for them, not only tonight, but in the last game we played Detroit. He's been playing big for them all season long. That's one of those guys who is like a silent assassin. He doesn't really say too much, but he's always cutting, he's always moving, he's always finding the right place to be; he's getting baskets and he's a big scorer for them. He can push the basketball, he can shoot and he can rebound. He's a good player."