Postgame Quotes - December 7, 2012

Pistons vs Bulls

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Greg Monroe
Chicago: Tim Thibodeau | Joakim Noah | Kirk Hinrich

Pistons Coach Lawrence Frank

(On giving up lead): "I don't think the game is lost (after their run), it's a game of runs. Obviously they made a really good run there; then in the third quarter they scored seven of their first nine possessions, so I think you bridge the gaps there. Obviously, we did a lot of good things to go up 17, but obviously not so many good things. They owned the paint tonight. (Joakim) Noah had a double-double both halves. Just disappointing."

(On losing double-digit leads): "I don't think the leads get into it, but I think our guys went down with it. That being said, you come out of the third quarter and it's who is going to turn up the intensity first and we kept on trading blows, but they kept on delivering more body blows than we could. So we wind up having a 19-point quarter and we give them 28. But I think 18-of-the-28 were in the paint, and then they end up being plus-20 in the paint overall and then dominating the glass."

Pistons Forward Greg Monroe

(On the game changing quickly): "They made a run and we let down. We could have done a few things better."

(On giving up second chances): "Coming into the game that was something we knew we had to control, but we didn't."

(On Noah and playing one of the best defenses in the game): "They just played harder than us. They have always been a good defensive team. I don't think we had a difficult time scoring, but he (Joakim Noah) gave them a lot of extra possessions."

Bulls Head Coach Tom Thibodeau

(On Joakim Noah): “He played really well in every area; defense, rebounding, scoring, passing, playmaking, mental toughness, digging down and he got a shot at the hole. Great all around game.”

(On second quarter): “It really started in the first quarter because there was really no defensive tone to the game. The second quarter was an abomination. We let guys get to their sprints and we gave them everything. We gave them pick-and-rolls, we gave them cuts, we were ball watching, lacked awareness, and allowed guys to play to their sprints. You do that and you are going to dig yourself in a hole and we did and then we battled back.”

(On second half): “They kept us within striking distance. I thought the start of the third was very good. Then the fourth we showed a lot of toughness.”

Bulls Forward Joakim Noah

(On personal performance): “It feels great to play well. We have another one tomorrow so we cannot get too happy. It is crazy to have numbers like that, but I am happy we won and we just have to move on.”

(On not knowing his stats while playing): “I knew I was missing a lot of tips in the beginning of the game. Some arenas they count as rebounds and some arenas they do not. I am happy they counted.”

Bulls Guard Kirk Hinrich

(On Joakim Noah): “He has been huge for us every night. He goes to the board all of the time. He is high energy and every game he brings that intensity.”

(On teams expectations of Joakim Noah): “We knew he was getting almost every rebound. There was times where he had three or four tips and I knew it was going to be at least 20.”

(On closing the game out): “It was important but we dodged a bullet. Detroit plays hard and we are lucky to get out of there with a win.”