Postgame Quotes - December 30, 2013

Pistons vs Wizards

Detroit: Maurice Cheeks | Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
Washington: Randy Wittman | Martell Webster | John Wall

Pistons Head Coach Maurice Cheeks

(On the fourth quarter): “We had a nice game going for about three and a half quarters. In the fourth quarter, we just got stagnant. We didn’t keep playing the way we had played for those three quarters. They ran pick-and-roll; they kept scoring. We didn’t keep scoring for whatever reason. Their pick-and-roll was better than our pick-and-roll in the fourth quarter.”

(On the upcoming schedule): “We weren’t in a position to think about a team with a lesser record that we’re going to have a letdown. We talked about that in Orlando. We’re not in that position to think like that. Maybe these five days are coming at a time when we can sit back and relax and work on some things that we need to work on and just try to get ourselves better over these next few days and go from there.”

Pistons Guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

(On career-high points): “I was in a good rhythm. I was balanced on my shots in the first half. I was running the floor, getting easy buckets and it just opened up my outside game.”

(On the second half): “I think we just stopped moving the ball like we did in the first half. We started turning it over a lot; we have to protect the ball in the second half like we did in the first half.”

Wizards Head Coach Randy Wittman

(On Game): "Games like these are hard, especially the way we won the one back in D.C. We know these guys were going to come out and really come after us. That first half, they did. They took the game to us the first half. We were not playing the way you have to against their bigs."

(On bigs): "We got our intensity up. I did not see any of our bigs flopping around but I think they had 14 offensive rebounds at the half and held them to four in second half."

(On defense): "The first half especially late in the second quarter we began sticking and holding instead of catch, shoot, drive, or pass. That is how we have to play and I thought we did that at the end."

Wizards Forward Martell Webster

(On second half): "Thirty-four points in the paint in the first half, that's just something you can't give up. We wanted to come out in the second half and take that away. We forced the situation and played aggressive, and held them to 36 points in that half so that was big."

(On bench play in fourth quarter): "We played with heart and played simple. You can do all the drills you want to play defense, but at the end of the day it all relies on how much heart you have. We took it to them first and we were able to respond, come down on the offensive end and execute. It worked out in our favor."

Wizards Guard John Wall

(On game): "We came back and fought in the second half. We stayed around and our second group was big, especially late the in third quarter. In the fourth we got the lead, right where we wanted it and we had to go and close it out."

(On defense): "I think we held them to 36 points in the second half. Most of their (Pistons) points in the first half came on second-chance points and they killed us in the paint. We just came in at halftime and said we have to rebound. We did a better job of boxing out and everyone wanted to help out rebounding the ball."