Postgame Quotes - December 28, 2012

Pistons vs Heat

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Will Bynum | Austin Daye
Miami: Erik Spoelstra | LeBron James

Pistons Coach Lawrence Frank

(On close fourth quarter): “Hey look, they cut it to four, Dre (Andre Drummond) makes the lay-up, Charlie (Villanueva) gets the follow-up dunk in transition, Will (Bynum) hits the three…great response, but look, the whole game changed for us this second quarter. That second quarter, that’s three straight games where it changed the game. The really positive, encouraging thing is to start the third quarter, we played off of that. So that group gets eight consecutive stops in the first six minutes. The ball was moving. It just kind of built of it. I think the second unit set a really, really good example and our guys fed off of it. Then we had everyone contribute in the second half. Obviously, Will was very, very special again, but I thought a lot of guys contributed in different ways to get a quality win against one of the elite teams in the league.”

(On balanced scoring): “You’ve got a lot of shooting on the floor and we really were just trying to use the pick-and-roll to put two on the ball and then move it and then try to exploit different rotations. The second quarter, I think, we went 12-for-15, but we were getting good shots. We were very, very comfortable with it. We’re not always going to make shots, as long as we’re making quality looks, you know, obviously the first quarter team defense was disappointing but, like I said, they got a beast out there. He (LeBron James) puts a lot of pressure on the defense, and I thought our guys, the last 10 minutes, did a good job of trying to get the ball out of his hands; but he’s that good and that special. When you’re playing Miami, they can’t get it both ways. They can get it where LeBron goes big and they’re exploiting their three-point line. So they had three main threes at half, a couple more in the third quarter, but by large we were able to keep their assist numbers, especially LeBron’s, low. But hey, they’re a tough out.”

Pistons Guard Will Bynum

(On what kept him going during the games he didn't play): "I'm professional. Consistent routine; constantly working. I believe in myself. I worked my tail off all summer and I sacrifice a lot for this game. It's just paying off."

(On Andre Drummond’s play in the fourth-quarter): "Andre (Drummond) was big out there tonight. He has been playing great. Game by game, he's getting better and better."

(On the bench's ability to take over the game recently): "We have a great chemistry of players out there. It's just simple. With Charlie (Villanueva), Austin (Daye), myself, Kyle (Singler), (Rodney) Stuckey and Drummond, just pick your poison."

Pistons Forward Austin Daye

(On how satisfying the win was): “It was really satisfying. I think we did a great job offensively and defensively. We moved the ball, knocked down shots and had 109 points. I was really happy with the second unit with what we did.”

(On the second unit): “Me, Will (Bynum) and Charlie (Villanueva) weren’t even in the rotation, we weren’t seeing games, and we were getting DNPs (did not play). It just shows how players can play when you’re given a great opportunity. I think we’re doing a great job of moving the ball and playing with each other and that’s the key. When you have guys who aren’t playing, it just shows that we’ve been working hard to be in this position.”

(On going through not playing together): “Yea, I honestly think it did. We used to talk about, ‘man, if we could just get out there and play together we could help.’ I think we did a great job of proving that to coach, that we can help this team win games. I think the second unit is key to victories just because they give us more options and attack.”

Heat Head Coach Erik Spoelstra

(On game): “You think on the road that if you shot five percent and 99 points that you would be putting yourself in a position to win. The way we played with our identity, but it was not even close. After that first quarter they were relaxed and they played well. You have to give them credit. They made a lot of shots, but defensively we just were not playing with the proper intensity the second quarter. They got into a great rhythm and got some easy looks. Their shooters got into great rhythm and then they took it from there. The fourth quarter they played extremely well.”

(On absence of Dwayne Wade): “There are no excuses. We had enough. Sure, we would have been a different team with Dwayne (Wade), but we feel that we have the depth on any given night to be able to withstand things that happen.”

(On Pistons second unit): “(Will) Bynum really sparked them, obviously. He really created a tremendous amount of opportunity for their team and himself by breaking us down and getting into the paint and setting up his teammates and then from there he got into a good rhythm. He had some tough shots in the fourth quarter, but everything was easy in the first half.”

Heat Forward LeBron James

(On Pistons bench play): "Their bench came in and they kicked it up 17 notches. They gave them a spark and they made plays."

(On coming from behind): "You're giving a lot to come back every little play defensively, and it's a back-breaker. They make a pull-up jumper, or we get them down with two seconds left on the shot clock and they bobble it and swing it for a three and they knock it down. So, every little play is a back-breaker."

(On Pistons shooting): “They made shots. A lot of pull-up and contested twos, threes, but we gave up a couple open looks that allowed them to get in the comfort in that second and allowed them to have that 40-point quarter, and they just kept the momentum going."

(On Will Bynum): "He was amazing. Big time. He controlled the game. His tempo, his motor, his speed. His pick-and-roll game was impressive tonight, he's a player that can get it going, and he definitely did that tonight."